Israel’s Dilemma

Eastern Jerusalem Arabs have called for a “victory march” to be held on June 10, following the very route of what was to have been Israel’s Jerusalem Day flag parade. The story of the dueling parades is here.

Israel: Muslim MK who will be part of new government says Israel makes Al Aqsa Mosque ‘impure’

Gaza: Tunnel used by ‘Palestinian’ jihadis found under UNRWA school

Here is a clear example of how Hamas uses civilians as human shields. If Israel had bombed this tunnel and damaged the school, Hamas would have claimed that the IDF was bombing indiscriminately and endangering schoolchildren, when it was actually Hamas itself, with the possible collusion of the UN…

Israel: Jerusalem flag march canceled, then rescheduled after Hamas warns about ‘provocations’

A group of 200 journalists – including reporters for the Washington Post and Los Angeles Timessigned a letter demanding that news organizations be even more anti-Israel than they are.

Al Jazeera got an exclusive look at Hamas tunnels under Gaza, because they are essentially the official news network of Hamas. Hamas partnered with the Qatari channel in order to “prove” that Israel didn’t cause extensive damage to the tunnel system. Israel, of course, notes that the Hamas “metro” is hundreds of kilometers and the IDF never claimed to have destroyed it…

Islamic Jihad hands out awards to journalists in Gaza

Last week I reported that Hamas had an awards gala to recognize journalists in Gaza who did everything the terror group wanted them to. Today it was Islamic Jihad’s turn. The awards show was held at the luxury Reef Al Madina restaurant. Islamic Jihad honored media professionals for “reporting Israeli crimes.”  …

href=””>Israeli Defense Chief Warns Hezbollah: Strikes On Gaza Were “Only Tip Of The Iceberg”

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Hezbollah responded as tensions still on edge saying any attack will be met with “the fire of hell”

Hamas leader admits that many terror headquarters are in civilian buildings

The IDF tweeted this: Hamas hides in civilian buildings in Gaza.
Don’t believe us?
Hear it for yourself from the Head of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar:— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) June 6, 2021 Sinwar admits that Hamass has been putting its military headquarters among high rise buildings and residential buildings.Of course, this was done deliberately,…