Covid hypocrisy & Biden’s Forced Vaccination Regime

Covid Strategy: Atomize and Rule

 Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant is not just your ordinary frightbat. She also seems to have a few screws loose.

Covid masks are good for more than forcing people to signal compliance. By making us anonymous, the masks split us off from each other. When each of us is alone, it is easier to browbeat us into believing the hysterical propaganda gushing out of our televisions. Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant is the Dr Fauci of New South Wales. Here she explains that we must not talk to each other:

The point of critical race theory is to divide and conquer. The point of Covid hysteria is to atomize and rule.

Eric Clapton Says He Will Not Play Any Venues Where Fans Are Required to Be Vaccinated

Why are there any restrictions in regional NSW? Destroying jobs and businesses for no reason. Why are Wollondilly, Wollongong, Shellharbour, Blue Mountains etc etc in lockdown with zero cases? This panic-driven Health Dictatorship must end.

Profiles in Covid Hypocrisy: Piers Morgan

Like many other members of our sneeringly condescending ruling class, anti-gun rights zealotPiers Morgan favors rigid authoritarianism regarding Covid precautions — but only for the little people, not for himself:

Add Piers Morgan to the list, along with Matt Hancock, Neil Ferguson, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, Gretchen Whitmer, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Sheila Kuehl, Michael Hancock, Steve Adler, London Breed, Sam Liccardo, and the rest of the sanctimonious authoritarians of the Covid DAISNAID club.

Maybe if the list gets long enough, people will get sick of having their lives ruined by an effete, degenerate ruling class that makes no secret of its contempt for the arbitrary rules it inflicts on those below.

FNC’s Carlson on the Biden Admin’s ‘Hyper-Aggressive’ Vaccine Push: They Are No Longer ‘Pro-Choice’

GOP Rep. Jackson: Biden Admin Doesn’t Have the Right to Force Americans to Get Vaccinated