No one should be forced to take medicines they don’t want, period

DeBlasio says anti vaxxers are criminals. Are the thousands who died from that experimental toxin all criminals?

The Wuhan virus is no longer about public health. Its now about politics and social control…

The Other Side of the COVID Vaccination Argument, Video

There is a lot of incoming information from government and the private sector promoting the vaccine. Recently, there has been a significant uptick in compulsory demands for taking the COVID vaccine. This forced vaccination approach has made many people start to question why this coordinated pressure campaign has increased with such ferocity.

As a result of such one-side information, people are increasingly skeptical. In this video below you can review the counter-position for why people do not want to take the vaccination shot. [Direct Link]  I am not sure who produced it, but CTH is sharing it in an effort to provide balance.  The claims are well cited.

Click on the video link here