Australia is a Penal Colony Once More

Katie Hopkins

Only this time the inmates are Australians themselves.

Australia is in a very dark place.

The army has been drafted in to force people to stay in their homes, going door-to-door to check for compliance. Police helicopters circle overhead, threatening anyone in parks or public spaces with police action and fines; there is genuine fear over being caught outside without a permissible excuse.

No one is allowed more than 5 kilometers from their home address, only one person per household may leave to purchase supplies once a day, and Sydney-siders are not permitted to speak to friends or stop to browse; they may only get what they need and return home.

And this is all for 239 cases from 110,000 tests.

Other states are not faring much better. Queensland just locked down over five cases. Melbourne has been brutalized by its leader, Dan Andrews, who sees himself as something of a leader among tyrants, setting the bar for just how bad it can get and how harshly you can treat people and force them to comply.

And not a word of dissent is permitted. Not a single alternative viewpoint has made the editorials or commentariat.

The best effort has been made by Sky News Australia, loved by many as the last bastion of real talk. I made lunch plans with Rowan Dean of the popular show Outsiders when I knew I would be in Sydney. He is a good man, and is trying to keep some semblance of honesty in TV programming. For the crime of offering different opinions, Sky News Australia has been banned from YouTube for a week.

Videos from Alan Jones and the Outsiders program discussing hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin have been deleted by YouTube for violating community guidelines.

Others have been deleted by Sky News itself, including a September 2020 Outsiders clip of host Rowan Dean stating that “the jury is in on hydroxychloroquine – it saves lives,” and Jones saying there had been “rank dishonesty” around hydroxychloroquine and Australians were being denied access.

I am reminded of “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. I was deported from the country for my efforts to highlight the cruelty of keeping 35,000 people separated from their loved ones, and with them now banning media for non-compliance there is no one left to speak out for ordinary Australians.

I posted this brief explainer on my YouTube channel in support of those being imprisoned in their homes under this unofficial Marshall law.

WATCH: Katie Hopkins speaks out for Australia:


The MailOnline picked up on my video, encouraging the compliant to pile on with attacks, labeling me a ‘far-right conspiracy theorist’ and other insults to indicate to their readership my words could be safely ignored wholesale (despite the fact I was on the Daily Mail UK payroll for two years as their retained columnist).

But I remain undaunted. If not me, then who? Who is left to speak up for Australians held hostage by their own government?

You can almost hear the desperation of these lovely people taking to my pages to support the truth: “She’s not lying,” “It is this bad.” Their personal stories are heartbreaking to read: suicide, depression, fear over their lives and future and whether they will ever get to leave Australia again.

[On left: Messages on my social media posts from Australians confirming the truth of my account that MSM call ‘conspiracy’.]

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, says Australians will be free to leave the continent when 80% are vaccinated.

The premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, says the only way these lockdowns are lifting is if 50% of the population is vaccinated. Take your jab or else.

Anyone suggesting any other treatment option is obliterated from the public square. Mock the tyranny and you can expect to be deported.

At best this is medical blackmail, at worst coercion. And yet the media nods along, supporting the government line without question, fearing a ban for any transgressions.

To the Australians that say I am the problem, that the vaccine is the only answer and army-enforced lockdowns are “for your own good”—I have nothing to say to you. You are too far gone, like angry Antifa, or looting Black Lives Matter protestors. There are no words that will reach you.

But most Australians know mine are words of truth, and that is more than enough for me. I am no stranger to governments fearing my voice. The African National Congress had me held, questioned and banned from South Africa for speaking the truth of white farmers. The truth always matters more.

I stand with ordinary Australians and I say to the Australian government, and to the premiers of each state competing for who can be the most ghastly: you can label me, you can threaten me, you can encourage the mob to attack, you can plot to take my head, you can deport my British arse BUT you cannot defeat the truth.

The truth walks on with the tens of thousands of Australians who took to the streets of New South Wales, Melbourne and Victoria for the Freedom Rally on 24 July despite the threats against them.

The truth walks on with those who are awake to this huge scam. And the truth wins out in the end.

Australia is no longer a functioning democracy. It is a fascist dictatorship whose people are imprisoned in their own homes and coerced into a medical procedure to earn the right to be set “free.”

Australia is a penal colony once more. Only this time the prisoners are the resident Australians themselves.