Defund the Oz police?

Oz coppers are a disgrace

Melbourne, Australia, August 21st, 2021

We see REAL police brutality. We see a nation desperately fighting to be free from medical tyranny, home imprisonment, the destruction of our businesses, and the targeting by police of innocent people who are just trying to live normal lives and be left alone to work peacefully in the community. We’re being told that if we visit our neighbours we are criminals. If we open our shops, we are criminals; if we protest, we are un-Australian criminals. And the Victoria Police will fire projectiles and many litres of pepperspray upon us if we try to peacefully march down our own city streets in resistance of this totalitarian Communist take over.

Nothing worse than woke police tards who sympathise with commie rabble.

This cartoon is not a joke. This is exactly what these deranged, power-drunk  morons have done to us.

Victoria Police celebrate another successful day hospitalising bankrupt small business owners

RUBBER BULLETS: Heavily armed police fire on Peaceful Protesters in Melbourne

Victoria Police have declared shooting protestors with rubber bullets and pepper spray a raging success, after bankrupt small business owners took to the streets of Melbourne protesting lockdowns.

Police Commissioner Shane Patton praised his troops work and the preparation of his Police in putting down dissent and sending several people to hospital.

“This is yet another great collaboration between Victoria Police, the People’s Armed Police and the UN Strong Cities Network. We will continue to suppress dissent of those already suppressed financially and psychologically until all freedoms are removed, full demoralisation is achieved and the camps are complete,” Patton said.

Patton confirmed several arrests, but also several wrongful arrests after protestors were found to be wearing Black Lives Matter shirts.

“Make no mistake. We will stop people gathering in large groups and keep people from overwhelming our hospitals by gathering in large groups ourselves, kicking the shit out of people and putting them in hospital.”

Premier Daniel Andrews is expected to announce further measures that he had already pre-planned, in an effort to use protestors as a scapegoat.