What does it take for people to say enough is enough?

Italy rejects lockdowns & forced vaxx:

French healthcare union calls for strike against mandatory vaccination

We are ‘not anti-vaxx but pro-free choice’, the union says. It comes as a survey of 1,000 people in France showed 40% support the anti-health pass protests

Healthcare workers in France have been called to strike from August 4, in protest against plans for mandatory vaccination, as a new study shows 40% of the population has some sympathy with protesters.

The government has made it obligatory for healthcare workers in 70 professions – equivalent to 1.5million people – to be vaccinated by September 15, on pain of being suspended without pay.

ToyBoy Macron hates it:

French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron has recorded a TikTok video intended for an audience of French young people that stresses the importance of the COVID “vaccination” and emphasizes its safety. Video link

“We Want our Freedom!” 237,000 Protest Vax Passports in 180 Cities in France!

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