Melbourne – the most livable city?

Looks like Red Danny found his match. Melbourne construction workers are taking his shenanigans lying down:

George Christensen:

Many journalists are out there attacking protesters and saying they don’t understand the violence.
I condemn any and all violence but I understand it all right.
Families have lost their incomes, their livelihoods, and in some cases, people have taken their own lives due to financial strain and mental health issues caused by lockdowns.
The media and political elite along with the laptop class don’t understand it because they haven’t lost everything like the people who have taken to the streets.
They don’t understand how people can hold an inviolable belief that they won’t lay down because their betters told them too.
The bottom line is that keeping free people locked down like they’re prisoners and forcing people to have a vaccination to keep their job or to go shopping is unnecessary and contrary to our values as a nation. People should have the right to movement and the right to make informed choices for themselves and their families without coercion.

Melbourne – the most livable city aaww

For a second consecutive day, thousands of Victoria’s construction workers and anti-vaxxers are carrying out a violent demonstration where windows are being smashed, flares and projectiles are being thrown, and abuse is being hurled.⁠
The Victorian government ordered an immediate shutdown of Victoria’s $22bn construction industry following violent protests.⁠

The most amazing thing is that the coppers are A CORPORATION!

How in the f*kc did that come about? Is the gov’t also a corporation?

An archbishop who calls it what it is.