Fredo whacked, Zemmour smeared as “right wing radical”

The Cuomo Bros had a good run. But now it’s over. It’s a big thing in the U.S.  For the rest of the world it’s a nothing burger.

CNN Fires Cuomo

In his case it wasn’t just for a wank on Zoom.

Nolte: Fredo Finally Got Whacked

Fredo Finally Got Whacked…

CNN has less viewers than a good video channel. It’s irrelevant. Cut off your subscription and don’t support its advertisers.

They say it was a spoof but was it?

German Drecks Media Smears Zemmour as “Right Wing Radical”

Far Left Agitprops pulled a stunt at Eric Zemmour’s political rally this evening near Paris.

It didn’t end well for them.