We cannot allow imbeciles to govern us

More Good News About Omicron

The good news about Omicron is bad news for the authoritarians who have hyped this mild version of Covid as a pretext to whip up hysteria and impose tyranny:

A nonserious, easily transmissible variant could mean Covid is almost over. Herd immunity will grow as the severity of the ChiCom virus peters out. Now let’s see if we can ever get back the freedoms that we have been conned into surrendering over the past 2 years.

I don’t ever want the government to ‘keep me safe’ again. We can manage on our own. Thanks.

WTF is this twit even saying?

Omicron landed in Aus a week ago

-mRNA mfrs said they can get a vax ready for it in 10 wks

-Chant says the variant “evades the immune system”

-Her recommendation: Get a booster

A booster of what exactly? A yet to be made vax or the one that doesn’t work.

Am I missing something?

2 thoughts on “We cannot allow imbeciles to govern us”

  1. We must abolish all “positivist laws” (which are technically really always crimes anyway)! ALL politicians today are LITERALLY criminals. Since these professional hypocrites all endorsed at least some “positivist laws” since coming to power, they are all criminals. (Positivist “laws” assert that the government has not only a right, but also the “moral” responsibility to do whatever it wants TO you, as long as it can pretend to be doing it FOR you – “for” your own good; “think of the children!” without needing your express consent etc.). The real Golden Rule of Law moral principle (the only REAL law) is simply “negative” rights: “Do Not Attack First” – which means all is forbidden in advance, between ALL levels of human interaction – from the individual, family, tribe, clan, nation, state, empire etc – and nobody is allowed to do jack shit to anyone else, including the government. Which is why we have ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and not the exact opposite, as liberals seems to always want it to be! So our only real right, is to NOT be attacked first; while our only responsibility is to NOT attack thereby innocent others first. There is no real valid legal or lawful, moral, just or even “holy” right or responsibility to “DO unto” others – to do anything either to, or for, anyone else – without first getting their consent! Just to prove my point, here’s a lesser-known but still telling if not infamous quote:

    “In England, everything is permitted except what is forbidden.
    In Germany, everything is forbidden except what is permitted.
    In France, everything is allowed, even what is prohibited.
    In the USSR, everything is prohibited, even what is permitted.”

    — Winston Churchill –

    So basically Germany was the only sane place, and Churchill at least sub-consciously knew it, too!

    And so, because in general, NO force or police or laws OR GOVERNMENTS are necessary among free citizens who can (or will) govern themselves, while the opposite is: no amount of force or police or laws are enough for a people who CANNOT (or will not) govern themselves – education IS key!

  2. AAAAND … THERE IT IS! Shocking university study: True U.S. COVID VACCINE DEATH COUNT is 20 TIMES HIGHER! The vaccine nannies love to claim adverse reactions to COVID shots are ‘rare,’ but now a study by a highly respected university reveals the massive extent of lying the U.S. government and media are engaged in. https://www.wnd.com/2021/12/4968311/

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