Australia does not have a free speech culture.

John Ruddick

‘In a 4-3 decision, the High Court ruled that a grossly offensive law can stand. The judgment clearly punctures the myth Australians have a constitutional right of free speech.’

The problem with freedom of speech is that it is not just a legal matter but it is also a culture. Sadly, Australia does not have a free speech culture.

That statutes such as the Section 18C of the Race Discrimination Act can remain on the books for over 25 years, across Liberal and Labor Governments, is a reflection of not just the absence of a constitutionally protected right but the tolerance of the Australian people for the suppression of speech.

It does not start at our parliaments. It ends there. And without a Constitutional disinfectant, a clearly worded and not implied disinfectant, it will spread like a bat soup virus.

The anti-free speech sentiments often start in our universities and amoung our fragile elites who believe that words are violence. All the happy to excuse many cases of actual violence. They are happy to be Je suis Charlie, just as long as Charlie does not offend the sensibilities of an intersectional class.

Not one of these virtue signalling dipsticks wanted to be Charlie. They were all cowardly pretenders. And the idiots who sang “imagine” (no more countries) were just an embarrassment. Sadly, they have already lost their countries and they’re too stupid to understand that it’s them who will suffer the consequences.

One thought on “Australia does not have a free speech culture.”

  1. Ever notice how we’re supposedly allowed by our masters to peacefully protest “the government” but there’s also a law that says they can jail and fine us for just peacefully commenting on how bad the “legal system” is – you know, by “bringing the justice system into disrepute!”? Well – isn’t the judiciary a branch of “the government!”?
    And ever notice how, even in “civil” court, if someone accuses you of something, then you have to become enslaved to them and reply to it, or else you automatically lose the case? Guilty until proven innocent! And even if and when you complain about and/or sue “the government,” those supposed public “servants” you hired (‘elected’) get to avoid the whole show, as it gets passed to the unelected PR wing called “the judiciary” who automatically rule against you? Yeah – we already all live in a tyranny, just in case you missed it.

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