Qld ban on Hydroxychloroquine REVOKED

Hopeless. The Canberra clown gallery cannot define #woman:

Now do Ivermectin. And all the A$$hats who bitched about “horse-dewormer” should get a double dose of it just to see how well it works.

UFOs had sexual encounters with humans and even left one woman pregnant, witnesses have alleged in bombshell Pentagon documents. 

What is this “woman” you talk of? No one in authority can define woman. Guess you will have to take it on notice.

Vaccine mandate breakthrough in Victoria as Daniel Andrews admits he may DITCH strict restaurant and venue rules after Omicron peaks

  • Victorian Premier is considering scrapping Covid vaccine mandates in future
  • Only vaccinated patrons are allowed into hospitality and entertainment venues 
  • Dan Andrews said rules may be ditched once peak of subvariant BA.2 is reached
  • That peak based on current modelling could be hit in just a couple of weeks 

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