2000 Mules: The election was “organized crime”

Totally worth your time to watch! #MMGA

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As you can see below, the censoring scum already blocked it. You’re not supposed to know how dirty the DemRats are. 

2000 mules is in 300 US theatres from Saturday May 7th.  It premiered last weekend to reviewers.

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Instructions far below on how to watch it since it might be a while before Warner or Disney pick it up. Dinesh D’Souza has to reinvent a whole new way of distributing it.

 Tierney: They have proof

I saw Dinesh’s movie “2000 Mules” last night. It provides massive evidence and concrete verifiable proof (digital & video) that the election was rigged. An informant from Arizona also detailed how she participated in the scheme and explained how it worked.

At the conclusion of the movie, two well-respected Salem radio hosts — Larry Elder & Dennis Prager — who have both vehemently DENIED voter fraud up to this point — were totally convinced that America was robbed — and ANGERED that they had been played. The theater applauded!

They have proof that the scheme took place in large counties in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. These are all states that President Trump won in 2016 but mysteriously flipped to Biden in the middle of the night in 2020.

The mules averaged 38 visits during the 2020 election, with an average of five ballots per visit. They were paid an average of $10 per ballot – and True The Vote could track them making multiple drops across county lines. The scary thing is that honest voters actually watched the thieves stuff ballot boxes and did nothing!

Trump Reveals Trailer of Explosive ‘2000 Mules’ Ballot Harvesting

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

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2 thoughts on “2000 Mules: The election was “organized crime””

  1. The powers that be will continue to ignore it.
    The courts will continue to do nothing.
    Democracy was always a psyop.

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