Schwab, is it true?

Mr Albert Bourla: By 2023 we will reduce the number of people in the world by 50%

The World Economic Forum ~ Mr Albert Bourla is a Greek-American veterinarian and the chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer “In 2019 Our dream, was to reduce the world population by 50% I think today, that dream is a becoming a reality”

This One Is Right Out Of The Book Of Revelation…One World Government & Mark Of The Beast

Rick Scott Proposes Bill to Stop W.H.O. Overreach: ‘Pandemic Treaty Is a Dangerous Globalist Overreach’

Rick Scott Proposes Bill to Stop W.H.O. Treaty: ‘Dangerous Globalist Overreach’

The National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman introduced S.4305 — or a “bill to limit the authority of the World Health Organization on the United States and to oppose amendments to the WHO Constitution that have not been approved by Congress.” Ultimately, the bill would ensure that the W.H.O. would not be able to “unilaterally impose public health restrictions on the United States and violate America’s national sovereignty,” according to the senator’s press release.

“We must quickly pass this bill to ensure that public health matters in the country remain in the hands of Americans, not globalist puppets working for Communist China,” he added. 

5 thoughts on “Schwab, is it true?”

  1. Sheik, that is not all of what Bourla said! Please don’t spread false info…This game s what he said: “When I took over, my entire leadership team made some plans for the next five years. One of them was by year 2023, we would reduce by 50% the number of people on the planet who cannot afford our medicines.”….now, one may interpret this as there being 50% fewer people…but that is a stretch…!

    1. It might be a stretch.

      But that’s why I asked ‘Schwab, is it true’.

      Most of these Davos “leaders” have at one time or other agreed on reducing the world population. Bill Gates is rather active in that field and so are many others of the WEF.

    2. Since the Pfizer Stab, enforced on the global Population by state enforced blackmail, has its motivation in the Eugenics ideology of its pushers ie CULLING the world population, Pfizer-vaxxing and reducing the populace are pretty much the same thing. So the second part of the Pfizer mass killer’s sentence is just a fig leaf, and a very see-through fig leaf at that.

      This is my personal opinion after looking at the few credible statistics that are coming out now.

  2. As to Klaus Schwab, born into a Nazi household in 1938, his father employed forced Labor, including Jews, and his enterprise received high praise from Adolf Schickelgruber himself, I can only agree for once with the Jesuites:

    “give me a child to the age of 7 and I give you the man!”

    Do the maths.

  3. The simple fact that these “psychotic” (Greek word for “thought-killing”) hypocrites get damaged and feel pain, the remembered fear of it, greed for less and ultimately useless hope of no more of any of it ever, and then they die anyways, is an existential insult to them, so of course they plot to control enslave and then destroy the universe and everyone and every thing else in it, because they’re too scared to just commit suicide. Basically, they’re acting out to enrage US into suiciding them all in stead. So perhaps it’s long past time we obliged them?

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