Numbers of U.K. Illegal Boat Migrant Crossings Higher Than Ever

The plan to flood Europe with unassimilable African savages is a done deal among globalists, the WEF, the UN & the EUSSR.

Illegal Boat Migrant Crossings Hit Highest Monthly Total for the Year

U.K. Illegal Boat Migrant Crossings Hit Highest Monthly Total for the Year

Illegal migrant crossings of the English Channel have hit their highest monthly total for the year as people-smuggling efforts ramped up during the warmer weather.

A total of 3,136 illegal migrants in 76 boats landed on British shores in the month of June, the highest total for a month so far this year, according to analysis from the PA News Agency as reported by ITV News.

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Explosive: Attentive Hungarian police officers may have prevented the next act of terrorism in Austria. Because when the authorities stopped a smuggler bus that was on its way to Austria carrying 17 immigrants, the Serbian-Austrian driver stated that a Syrian was travelling with a machine gun in his luggage.

Terror alert at the eastern border

However, there is no trace of the “refugee”. When the minibus was stopped by the Hungarian police officers, the strangers hiding in the hold jumped out and fled in all directions. Whether the man with the gun is now trying to cross a green border into Austria is a matter of conjecture. Anything is possible, because the smuggler’s bus was stopped only a few kilometres from the eastern border in the Hungarian district of Vas.

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