Davos: Pfizer’s Bourla keeps his mouth shut

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink refuses to answer simple questions when walking the streets of Davos at the annual WEF conference.

But they got pretty close to Pfizer’s Bourla:

The WEF is now the place where independent media confronts corrupt bureaucrats who would otherwise face ZERO accountability from media. This is the new WEF. They can no longer hide. This is no longer their safe space. Incredible work @RebelNewsOnline

How the hell did Big Pharma buy nearly every government in the world?

Covid was a scam and the vaccines were a danger.

 Ukraine is a gigantic scam,  the WEF is a menace and “climate change” is a power grab. Pay attention.

Tony BLiar is a crook who ruined the UK forever.

Dr. Robert Malone: The WEF should be shut down and all young global leaders and globalist should be removed from office.

If ‘died suddenly’ was rampant amongst the unvaccinated, the mainstream media would be having a field day.


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