Israel, Netanyahu vows swift retaliation to Pali terror attacks

Israel to Expedite Civilian Gun Licenses After Jerusalem Attacks

Israel’s security cabinet approved measures to curb terrorism following deadly attacks in Jerusalem, including making it easier for Israeli civilians to carry guns and revoking residency and citizenship of terrorists.

Pali apes celebrated the murders of seven innocent Israelis with raucous celebrations in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and Gaza.

Israel to punish families of Pali attackers

Israel has sealed the home of an east Jerusalem man who killed seven people outside a synagogue, in a preliminary step ahead of the expected demolition of the building, as two Pali men terrorists died from Israeli fire.

WATCH: 13-year-old Palestinian Terrorist Opens Fire on Israelis in Jerusalem

WATCH: Palestinians Celebrate Deadly Terror Attack with Candy, Fireworks, ‘Allahu Akbar’

Netanyahu Vows ‘Strong, Swift,’ Response to Deadliest Palestinian Terror Attack in Over a Decade

Netanyahu announces plans to arm Israelis after Jerusalem attack

Israeli prime minister also says social security benefits of the families of suspected Palestinian attackers will be cancelled and their homes demolished.

Israeli police officers walk outside the house of suspected Palestinian gunman Khaire Alkam in A-Tur in occupied East Jerusalem, on January 28, 2023 [Ammar Awad/ Reuters]

Israel has announced plans to make it easier for Israelis to get firearms amid escalating violence in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the measure late on Saturday after convening a meeting of his security cabinet — filled with hardline politicians — over a pair of shootings that included an attack in occupied East Jerusalem.

Terrorist Kills 7, Wounds 10 in Jerusalem Synagogue Attack on International Holocaust Day

Netanyahu’s Son Slams Soros, ‘Radical Leftist’ Control By ‘Global Elite’ Over Israeli Media

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“The curtain has risen and everyone already knows what is going on here…”

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