Omar, Shifty Schiff, Twitter Files

Slowly, ever so slowly, the table is turning….

Shifty Schiff: really really wishing that “Russia Russia Russia” was real….

He keeps lying about it and doubles down…

Ilhan Omar: I Wasn’t Aware There Were Tropes About Jews, Money

Twitter Files: Company Shocked by False ‘Russian Bot’ Allegations from Deep State

The latest batch of the Twitter Files shows that senior officials at the company, including the much-maligned Yoel Roth, were shocked at false allegations that American and British users of the platform were part of Russian influence operations.

Talk about cultural appropriation! Why would Ilhan Omar, a hateful Somali Muslim woman who entered the US with fake papers wear the hairdo of a Swiss farm girl?


‘XENOPHOBIC AND DISCRIMINATORY’: Omar has previously described McCarthy’s decision as a political stunt, a blow to the integrity of the democratic institution, and a threat to national security.

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