#Twitter Files, #PfizerFiles, Deep State

Let me put the #Pfizergate scandal in perspective: The @ProjectVeritas video shows a high-level exec discussing the company’s plans to make bioweapons in order to sell the public the antidotes. This would be no less than a crime against humanity.

If you haven’t seen Project Veritas’ video of Pfizer you’re missing out on pure gold! the reaction of the Pfizer worker when he realizes he revelations have been recorded is priceless!

Rand Paul Warns ‘Over-Classification’ Being Used To Cover Up COVID Lab Leak

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“The intelligence community does this so they have more power and we have less power”

Twitter Files Prove America Headed For “Totalitarian State Territory”, Expert Warns

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[The government’s actions are] the antithesis of America. The American founding is basically contradicted by what’s happening here, over and over again. And if we don’t do something about that, we will not have free speech in this country,”

Democrats Propose Constitutional Amendment To Overturn First Amendment Decision

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“The flow of unrestricted corporate and dark money into our elections has dangerously eroded the American people’s faith in our democracy…”

Gaetz Introduces Resolution To Deny Schiff Access To Classified Information

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…titled “Preventing Extreme Negligence with Classified Information Licenses Resolution,” or “PENCIL Resolution,”

School System Failing And Is No Longer There To Educate, Says Teacher

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“They’re not playing. They’re not running. They’re just on their phones…”

Tucker Blasts AG Barr’s Response To Jeffrey Epstein’s Death – “Maybe Someone In The New Republican Congress Should Look Into All Of This” (VIDEO)

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