‘We have conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death’

17,001 Scientists and Doctors have now confirmed that Covid Vaccines are harmful, deadly and must be stopped immediately.

2-Year-Old Child Dies Suddenly One Day After Receiving Both the COVID Vaccine and Annual Flu Vaccine

According to the data from the CDC’s VAERS WONDER System, a two-year-old girl from New Hampshire died suddenly one day after receiving one dose of the Moderna vaccine and FluLaval Quadrivalent vaccine.

Why Do Vaccinated People Represent Most COVID-19 Deaths Right Now?

1st dosis and a 2nd dosis of covid-19 vaccine on a vial bottle and injection Syringe on a white table

In Sept. 2021, President Biden declared a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” About 79% of adults in the US received at least their initial shots. Recent @CDCgov data find the majority of adults dying of #COVID19 are vaccinated or boosted.

Australian Cardiologist Calls to Halt mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines, Citing Heart Damage

Melanie Leffler, a mother of two in Sydney, Australia, had four COVID-19 vaccines. But on Nov. 19, 2022, after coming down with a sore throat and a runny nose, Leffler tested positive for COVID. She said goodnight to her family—her husband, Mick Hogan, and their two daughters, Clemmie (age four) and Lottie (9 months). 

Why isn’t anyone talking about Christine Grady? She’s the head of ethics for the NIH. She and her husband got $350 million from big Pharma, during the plandemic. She is married to Anthony Fauci. Go Elon!

This is the kind of thing they were repressing, it’s not a secret, not an opinion, simple facts that should have caused a scandal but didn’t due to media control.

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