Australia’s Red-Green Nightmare

Great news for jihadists, welfare seekers and human traffickers: Australia is open for business, once more.

Thanks to Albo & RedGreen voters.

Thousands of refugees  illegal aliens in ‘limbo’ eligible for permanent residency

None of them is a refugee. Not one of them.

Thousands of refugees who’ve been left in ‘limbo’ for years will be eligible for permanent residency from today, according to reports.
The Albanese government will announce 19,000 people who arrived by sea will be able to apply to permanently reside in Australia, reports The Australian newspaper.
It fulfils a Labor pledge the party made at the last election to end the use of temporary protection visas.

I loved Australia — until I spent more than two weeks there

….the longer I spent there, the more annoyed I grew with the sort of trivial inconveniences that residents endure but tourists often overlook. The coffee is good, sure, but try getting one after 3.30pm. My thongs (flip-flops — please) started to give me blisters. And after a while, it began to feel weird living in a country that did not have an independent nuclear deterrent.

I used to buy this too, but things have changed.

This is ridiculous. Get these lunatics out of Oz!

“The protagonist of our lives and gem of our hearts.” Full story:

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