Former Twitter Execs Squirm During Grilling By House Reps About Censorship

Furious Naomi Wolf Rages At The Pain Of Listening To Twitter Censorship Testimony

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It’s difficult listening to the second rate hacks who tried to destroy your work and your reputation trying to justify themselves…

The positions of these people, the views of them — their self-regarding, self-satisfied, smug certainty that their rightness is the only rightness that could ever be — do not remind me of the testimony or views of actual Americans. They remind me rather of the affect of functionaries in a Stalinist show trial, or of the nameless bureaucrats in Kafka’s The Trial.

Watch: Former Twitter Execs Squirm During Grilling By House Reps About Censorship Of COVID Data

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One of the most egregious agendas involved the banishment of doctors and scientists who questioned the mainstream narrative on covid…

The suppression of scientific evidence surrounding the minimal death rate of covid, the inadequacy of mask mandates and lockdowns, as well as the true efficacy and safety of mRNA vaccines is perhaps one of the worst violations of constitutional rights in American history.  The government partnership with Big Tech to stifle the free speech of political opposition is a clear attack on the 1st Amendment that is now widely exposed.

House Representative Nancy Mace from South Carolina confronted Roth and Gadde on their censorship campaign – Here are some of the highlights:

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