O’Keefe Ousted From Project Veritas: “If You’re Wondering What’s Next, Stay Tuned”

James O’Keefe: “I have been stripped of my authority as CEO and removed.”

Project Veritas Board Releases Statement After Removing James O’Keefe and Losing Over 100,000 Followers

James O’Keefe Resigns from Project Veritas – UPDATE, Forced Out: “I have been stripped of my authority as CEO and been removed from the board of directors.”

UPDATE: Video has surfaced of James O’Keefe explaining the details of what happened at Project Veritas (full video below).  However, for the primary issue, Mr. O’Keefe explains, “I have been stripped of my authority as CEO, and been removed from the board of directors.”  James O’Keefe was forced out.  Excerpt, WATCH:

Full Video Below:

Project Veritas is dead to me.

PRIOR – There is likely to be much more to come out about the situation as it genuinely unfolds; however, in the interim the main thrust of the news says James O’Keefe “resigned” from Project Veritas.

{Background 1 and Background 2}

Neil McCabe of One America News Network (OANN) broke the news on Twitter [SOURCE] However there are several voices saying O’Keefe was ousted by the board.

It is impossible to imagine Project Veritas without its founder, James O’Keefe.

The news today follows the announcement on February 9th that James O’Keefe was being put on leave by the Project Veritas board of directors {link}, and then another announcement on February 15th by Project Veritas claiming the board of directors had no issues with O’Keefe {link}.

According to media reporting, O’Keefe read his resignation letter to the board of directors and to the people at Project Veritas.  However, there have been no statements from James O’Keefe since the initial issue surfaced over two weeks ago.

(Via Yahoo) […] The board reversed O’Keefe’s firing of two top executives, and received a lengthy memo from unhappy employees detailing O’Keefe’s allegedly “outright cruel” conduct.

A video of O’Keefe announcing his resignation was posted to the video website Vimeo.

The news that O’Keefe had been sidelined in the group he founded provoked outrage on the right, with many conservative pundits tweeting that Project Veritas would be nothing without him. Project Veritas’s board and remaining executives had tried to heal the rift, insisting in a bizarre tweet last week under the organization’s name that O’Keefe was “alive and well.” Just days before the resignation, the board put out a statement insisting that its members “all love James.”

O’Keefe and the board didn’t respond to immediate requests for comment.

O’Keefe’s resignation was first announced on Twitter by Neil McCabe, a reporter at conservative cable channel One America News. McCabe told The Daily Beast that O’Keefe resigned from the group without striking a severance deal with the board.

“He just resigns and walks out the door to start a new life,” McCabe said. “Now we’ll see: does the organization he created survive?” (read more)

Without James O’Keefe, there is no Project Veritas.  It really is that simple.

Regardless of what internecine issues and Machiavellian board maneuvers created this fracture, James O’Keefe will succeed wherever he lands.

James O’Keefe is the living legacy of his mentor Andrew Breitbart.

CTH stands with James O’Keefe.

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