Pfizer & the ongoing Vax racket

#Myocarditis … strokes… blood clots … #DiedSuddenly … believe me, the vaccinated know their fate. That’s why they’re so angry at the common sense #PureBlood unvaxxed – because those gullible sheeple who took the Fauci-Ouchi #CovidVaccine just can’t admit they were wrong.


UK military spied on COVID critics including Peter Hitchens…

Actor Zachary Levi agrees Pfizer is a danger to the world… Twitter piles on…

Bill Gates, after reaping huge profits selling BioNTech shares, trashes effectiveness of COVID vax…

WFT is “breach of consensus?”

It seems every country is in the grip of the Pharma Mafia.

UK Army Monitored Lockdown Critics Online

Targeted Politicians, Journalists

Whistleblower Exposes ’most secretive’ 77th Brigade

UK coronavirus lockdown critics and sceptics were placed under government surveillance using the resources of the country's military, a report Sunday alleges.

UK coronavirus lockdown critics were placed under government surveillance using the opaque resources of the country’s military, a report alleges.

Obsessed, vile & deranged:

John McEnroe is right. Both the American and Australian governments should be ashamed of their treatment of @DjokerNole and all unvaxxed people who suffered for their anti-science discrimination. The US still won’t let unvaxxed foreign visitors in.

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