Remember when the Pharma Mafia stole 2 years of our lives?

Remember when they told us the virus came from bat soup in a Chinese wet market?


Dr. Simone Gold
WOW: Dr. John Littell was KICKED OUT of a Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board Meeting after testifying to the effectiveness of Ivermectin to treat Covid-19. This is shocking.
Politicians, Elites, Presidents, Attorneys, Mainstream Media, Doctors, Scientists, Hospitals, Pharmacies, NIH, CDC, FDA, CIA, FBI, WEF, WHO all conspired together to deliberately block safe early treatments like Ivermectin in order to increase deaths, profits and to allow the use of the lethal experimental Covid Vaccines that would have never been approved if safe early treatments were used. They are all guilty of racketeering, collusion, fraud and premeditated mass murder. All of the them received instructions before the Pandemic from Event 201 which was led by Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security run by the CIA.
THE CRIMINAL CARTEL: The Pandemic was created and orchestrated fraudulently by a Global Criminal Cartel led by Governments, Gates, Fauci, Tedros, Drosten, Schwab, Rothschilds, BlackRock, Rockefeller to control and to inject the world with Covid Vaccines.

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