The Biden Regime Want’s You to Focus on UFOs

Because they are corrupt swine who really don’t want you to know how crooked they really are.

Court Docs: James Biden Secretly Negotiated $140M Deal with Saudis Due to Relationship with Joe Biden 

No shiite. You really had me worried there for a minute or two.


‘Russia Has Lost’ Claims Milley, Then Says International Community Will Continue To Support Ukraine [VIDEO]

NO CURE FOR STUPID: Biden Ambassador Accuses Hungary of “Antisemitic Vandalism” Which Occurred in SWEDEN

Ted Cruz Lays Out The BRUTAL Truth On Biden’s Marxist, Pro-Censorship FCC Nominee During Hearing – Catches Her In Possible Big Lie During Questioning

There are no consequences. There are never any consequences. Heads should roll. Clueless Clapper should walk the plank for this. 

In 53 Illinois Schools, Not a Single Student Can Do Math at Grade Level

You cannot have an intelligent country when you produce stupid people.

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