Vax Injuries Are Real

These ‘viruses’ are NOT coming from animals or ‘Climate Change’…as the UN/WHO/WEF are creating these ‘viruses’ themselves. Wake up…this is a Biological War.

Everyone knows that double-leg amputation is a common risk associated with “forms of the flu”, right?

Sure. It is all just normal stuff. All the fit, trained athletes, heart attacks, strokes, unexplained deaths being much higher than normal. Let’s ask the Dept. of Defense and DARPA. They must know the answer, right?

Is the tide turning?

When even The Today Show speaks out against the unsafe & ineffective jabs – it’s game over for the fanatics.

When is @Ofcom going crack down on dis-and-misinformation on our TVs?

Like claims the Covid-19 vaccines Are ‘safe and effective’

Stop transmission

 Reduce illness  

Can’t be linked to the rise in excess deaths?

What is the benefit for kids?

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