BILL GATES – “Covid came from bats & spread due to ‘climate change”

Next level stupid from none other than Vax monster & CC believer Bill Gates.

BILL GATES – “Covid came from bats & spread due to ‘climate change”

Gates is right: the climate is causing it!

Without gravity there would be no atmosphere.
When you throw a ball up in the air it isn’t radiation or CO2 that causes it to fall to earth.
It’s gravity.
Yet this simple fact is overlooked by climate scientists who want to blame CO2 for trapping heat in the atmosphere.
Heat is a measure of the mean molecular momentum. Blind Freddy knows gravity can change the momentum of an object in the atmosphere yet it is completely excluded from any discussion about atmospheric heat.
It’s what causes the adiabatic lapse rate.
Climate scientists argue that CO2 traps heat in the same way that a greenhouse traps heat. This is categorically false.

A greenhouse (or blanket) traps convection because it a solid object.
CO2 is a gas, it cannot trap convection. This matters because convection is the process by which heat is carried away from the earth.
What traps convection is gravity. It’s why the surface of the earth is warmer than say the top of Mt Everest. Gravity stops all the molecules in the atmosphere including O2 and N2 from floating off into outer space.
We are taught in grade eight science that gases and solids have different properties. Yet climate scientists overlook this very simple fact.
It’s true that CO2 absorbs and emits radiation via photons. Photons come from the sun, they don’t come from CO2.
This distinction is very important because of the Laws of Thermodynamics.
The first law of Thermodynamics says energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transferred or transformed. The radiation absorbed and emitted by CO2 doesn’t add to the overall heat in the system. Any photon it absorbs is already energy in the atmosphere as a result of heat emitted from the Sun or to a much lessor extent from the core of the Earth.
If a one tonne car travelling at 100km/h was to collide with a stationary one tonne car, the most the stationary car could travel is at 100km/h. It can’t go any faster. The combined momentum of the two cars can’t exceed 100km/h. The same principle applies to the photon.
CO2 can re-radiate that photon/energy downwards, I.e. a different vector but that’s where the second law of Thermodynamics comes into play.
The second law of Thermodynamics says the entropy of a system always increases. This means that temperature differentials will be offset by changes in convection i.e. the wind or rising or falling thermals to try and even out the changes in temperature. It’s why hot airs rises and cold air sinks.
CO2 radiates photons at very low temperatures. Any miniscule downward radiation is easy offset by convection as the temperature/pressure equilibrium is restored.
CO2 also absorbs incoming solar radiation. In fact the incoming radiation absorbed by CO2 is five times more powerful than the outgoing radiation absorbed by CO2.
Sorry if this seems complicated, but to say that a gas which is only 0.04% of the atmosphere has the same properties as a solid object such as glass is just plain wrong.
This junk science is being peddled to justify wasting billions on renewable energy that is going to send Australia broke. It needs to be called out.

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