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Taliban kill couple in public stoning

A man and woman have been stoned to death in northern Afghanistan after being accused by the Taliban of having an affair.


The 23-year-old woman and 28-year-old man were killed because “they had an affair,” said Mohammad Ayob, the governor of Imam Sahib district in Kunduz province.

“Two people were stoned to death by Taliban in Mullah Quli village late yesterday,” he said. The village is under the control of the Taliban.

Mullah Quli resident Abdul Satar said about 100 people, most of them Taliban insurgents, gathered in the village on Sunday evening as a statement was read out saying the pair had confessed to their affair.

He said the man was married to someone else, and the woman was engaged.

“The Taliban convicted both to stoning to death, some from the crowd started throwing stones at the couple until they died,” Mr Satar said. (Telegraph UK/read the full story)

Of course there are many in Afghanistan who insist that stoning is the law of the land, as we can see here:

Afghanistan: Clerics twist Karzai’s arm for return to “strict Islamic law”

“No law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam” (Chapter 1, Article 3).

Thus, where there is any doubt or conflict in the Afghan government, Islamic law wins by constitutional fiat. What could possibly go wrong? Exactly what is reported in the story below: the demand for all the things we’ve been assured countless times don’t really happen in Sharia law, like stonings, floggings, and amputation, as well as execution for apostasy from Islam. But these Misunderstanders of Islam are digging in and demanding them.

“Afghan clerics seek return to strict Islamic law,” by Syed Salahuddin for Reuters, August 12/via JW

  • Another Australian soldier has died in Afghanistan. The dead soldier has been named as Trooper Jason Brown.

Targeted Killing

The Religion of Peace:

Just how low are the expectations for Islam when no one is surprised by the cold-blooded murder of Christian doctors by Muslim fundamentalists for trying to help Muslims in need?   (CAIR hasn’t even bothered to denounce the killing).

Taliban Abandon Limits on Cruelty (BBC)

Even the most basic standards of human decency don’t stand much of a chance against the free hand of Islamic fundamentalism.

Obama’s “Peace Partner’s” Chilling Hunt, Slaughter of Med Aid Group Suspected of Christianity But Spares Muslim Driver — Pak-trained killers ‘used Facebook’ to track aid group

Atlas Shrugs

Pak-trained killers ‘used Facebook’ to track aid group

They day the group was ambushed, the medical workers were returning from a 120-mile trek on foot and horseback to treat villagers in the remote Nuristan region.

Intelligence sources told The Sunday Times it appears the Taliban tracked the medical team for days. Other intelligence sources said the group’s Facebook page may have alerted the Taliban to the trekkers’ intentions before they had reached Nuristan.

“It appears the doctors were followed across the mountain passes between Nuristan and Badakhshan by the Taliban. The information we have suggests that this was a targeted killing,” an Afghan security service agent told the paper.

Some of the killers had been trained in Pakistan, police told the newspaper.

In crossing Badakhshan, Little and his other aid workers had no idea they were walking into an area rife with Taliban.

Afghanistan: "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" Incidents Increasing!

Another Afghan soldier turns gun on Americans during weapons exercise (Jihad Watch)

For the learned analysts, of course,  the “soldier fled leaving his motive unclear”….

WoJ readers might be able to help them out with that “motive” mystery. But heaven forbid that anyone connects the dots!  Infidel blood is cheap in the age of the Muslim POTUS Obama:

“Earlier this month, an Afghan soldier killed three British service members with gunfire and a rocket-propelled grenade and in November, an Afghan policeman killed five British soldiers at a checkpoint in Helmand.”

And here is yet another. The rate of various failures of discipline among Afghan soldiers — defections, disappearances (including those 46 or more who have disappeared in the U.S. after coming here for “training”), and outright murder should point to far more at work here than the official story of a developing country getting its bearings and facing some bumps in the road. But as always, there is the ideological component of jihad, together with a pervasive disregard for non-Sharia law, that constitute a persistent “elephant in the room.”

“Afghanistan: Two Americans killed by ‘alliance’ soldier,” from AdnKronos International, July 21:

Other JW links:

Other News:

“last year alone there have been at least a dozen separate cases of Afghan soliders suddenly turning on their US/UK/NATO ‘comrades’ and killing them. After each one we get the usual “…this is a lone individual who does not in any way represent the heroic Afghan soldiers..” Nonsense.”

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Obambi blows $160 million dollars on "climate change" and "schools…" in Indonesia!

The climate changer in chief is uninterested in plugging the hole in the gulf. Since  he extorted $20 billion dollars from BP he doesn’t give a rats ass……

Former Oil Worker: The Cleanup Is All For Show (Video) Gateway Pundit

Obama is very generous with his Muslim brothers:

More than £2bn of cash has been openly flown out of Kabul airport since 2007, raising fears huge sums of British and American aid are being creamed off by corrupt officials.

Afghanistan’s endemic corruption and Hamid Karzai’s failure to tackle the problem have angered his western backers

More than three billion dollars, packed into suitcases, loaded onto pallets, and declared to the Afghan authorities has been loaded onto airplanes and flown legally out of the country from Kabul International Airport in the last three years. Telegraph UK

How To Run Drug Money: Be A (Large) Bank

No big U.S. bank — Wells Fargo included — has ever been indicted for violating the Bank Secrecy Act or any other federal law. Instead, the Justice Department settles criminal charges by using deferred-prosecution agreements, in which a bank pays a fine and promises not to break the law again.Drug Money>>>

Its all for the greater good, no doubt:

Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor

Drugs and crime chief says $352bn in criminal proceeds was effectively laundered by financial institutions

Drugs money worth billions of dollars kept the financial system afloat at the height of the global crisis, the United Nations‘ drugs and crime tsar has told the Observer. The Guardian

The Left, despots and crooks. Why do they make such easy allies?

Age readers side with Robert Mugabe

Lord of the Flies

This Obama administration is definitely a “man-made disaster”

Gen David Petraeus, the new US commander in Afghanistan, is to review the idiotic doctrine of “courageous restraint”, according to Pentagon sources.   (Don’t mention the wild goose chase for “hearts & minds” and “guns without bullets”)

“There will be no change in overall policy but all aspects of tactics and implementation will be looked at afresh,” a Pentagon official told The Daily Telegraph.

Sure thing. America’s Muslim POTUS has already made it clear that “victory is not our goal” in Afghanistan, because it could  make our enemies feel bad. Its all about feelings, don’tcha know…..

Pic thanks to Moonbattery

Islam could have saved him, sez brother Germaine

Save this…..?

Condoms for Kidz? Puff Ho supports it, its progressive…..

Ahmadinejad thinks he’s a lion!

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Israel about any potential aggression against Iran, cautioning the regime that playing with Iran is as dangerous as playing with a lion. FARS

Nah, this guy is not a lion. We know what he is…..

The One About The UN   /   Must watch!

Never mind the oil-spill in the Gulf:  lets play golf!

“He needs to be more focused on the Gulf of Mexico; it’s not just tar balls, it’s sheets of oil that have been washing ashore,” said LeMieux. “But I’ll leave the president’s personal time to him.”

Ya think?

Afghanistan: Public Flogging for Child Bride Who Ran Away…

From the Caliphate News Networx

“….lack of sensitivity of the people…?”


“They still think that the womens is the property of the men…”

Hmm, I wonder where they got that idea from? Did they read Sir Winston Churchill’s River War?

“The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property (either as a child, a wife, or a concubine) must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men…”

In disturbing video images, a 14-year-old girl is purportedly being flogged. She is alleged accused to have run away from a forced marriage in a remote village.

Just as disturbing to Dr. Sima Samar, chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission? “The other sad part I have to say was the reaction of the people,” she says. “The lack of sensitivity of the people.”

The video was given to Samar’s Human Rights Commission. She says police promised her they’d prosecute the man, but so far nothing despite the country’s laws that ban not just forced marriages but matrimony for girls under 16.

Afghanistan: Child brides beaten for running away.

(File video!)

Other news:

Wedding present:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) – A suicide bomb ripped through a wedding party for a family with several members in the police force in the Taliban’s heartland in southern Afghanistan, killing at least 40 people and wounding dozens more, officials said Thursday.More from eye on the world…..

Afghan Taliban execute 7-year-old boy…

Not content with blowing up, crowded markets, schools, mosques, hospitals and killing little old ladies in their aim to rule Afghanistan, our peace partners are now killing children….

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Afghanistan, “courageous restraint” and guns without bullets

U.S. military unit in Afghanistan ordered to patrol with unloaded weapons

Chasing the “hearts & minds of Muslim people”  instead of roasting our sworn enemies.  Why not? It’s a Religion of Peaceâ„¢!

American Soldiers in Afghanistan Ordered to Patrol With Their Weapons Unloaded…

Atlas Shrugs: Bring them home.

Obama is getting our boys killed ……….. why, so they can’t come home and protest the citizenry?

“Fighting a War without Bullets?,” by Chris Carter in Human Events, May 23/Jihad Watch

Commanders have ordered a U.S. military unit in Afghanistan to patrol with unloaded weapons, according to a source in Afghanistan.

Its all about “balance” said Lieutenant Commander Iain Baxter, a spokesman for NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in a statement to HUMAN EVENTS.

Good thing American troops didn’t seek such “balance” against the Nazis in World War II.

Praise from His Overlords: Islamic Supremacist Universal Caliphate Group, OIC, Lauds Obama’s Submission to islam

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

[Flopping Aces]

As Congress labored furiously to ensure that women have equal access to federal bathrooms, insurgents in Afghanistan this month launched a series of bold strikes on U.S. and NATO bases in Afghanistan. The Potty Parity Act is proceeding apace.

The Obama administration response to the upsurge in violence in Afghanistan? It launched an investigation into allegations that a number of American soldiers were responsible for the “unlawful deaths” of at least three Afghan civilians. This, despite the recent unanimous acquittal of three heroic Navy SEALS who were swiftly exonerated by a jury after being accused of, gasp, slapping one of the most dangerous terrorist detainees in the world. Who, by the way, the SEALS heroically captured. Thank-you, Navy SEALS. There is no update yet on the terrorist’s hurt lip.

As our young men are fighting and dying in Afghanistan, our current elected officials remain hard at work. Their most recent work product includes a proposal for a new medal to reward our troops for “courageous restraint.” Have you got that? A medal for not killing the enemy. Of course most of these medals would, of necessity, be awarded posthumously.

Maybe by the time the first new medal is awarded, the “enemy” will actually be defined. The only concrete message so far from Washington, via Attorney General Eric Holder, is that the enemy is NOT radical Islamic terrorists. Whew! Read the rest of this entry »

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan


In Afghanistan today, in the midst of war and endemic poverty, an ancient tradition–banned when the Taliban were in power–has re-emerged across the country. It’s called Bacha Bazi, translated literally as “boy play.” Hundreds of boys, some as young as eleven, street orphans or boys bought from poor families by former warlords and powerful businessmen, are dressed in woman’s clothes, taught to sing and dance for the entertainment of male audiences, and then sold to the highest bidder or traded among the men for sex. With remarkable access inside a Bacha Bazi ring operating in Northern Afghanistan, Najibullah Quraishi, an Afghan journalist, investigates this practice, still illegal under Afghan law, talking with the boys, their families, and their masters, exposing the sexual abuse and even murders of the boys, and documenting how Afghan authorities responsible for stopping these crimes are sometimes themselves complicit in the practice.

A 15-year-old ‘dancing boy’ performs before a large group of men

Afghanistan’s war on children

Sexual slavery involving boys as young as 10 is being condoned and in many cases protected by authorities in northern Afghanistan.   ABC News

Dancing girls of Swat back in business
Paki Daily Times

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Hamid, the Taliban

“Our man in Kabul”

Now wait a minute: isn’t Karzai a modern moderate Muslim who abhors the Taliban’s extremism and twisting and hijacking of the peaceful religion of Islam?  Hmm, I think not. “Our man” Hamid filled his pockets with hundreds of millions of dollars, his brother controls the opium trade and his relatives are already in America. Hamid pretends he is not a puppet, but without American support he wouldn’t last a day.

Lawmakers: Afghan leader threatens to join Taliban,” by Amir Shah and Christopher Bodeen for AP, April 5 (thanks to Weasel Zippers / Jihad Watch

KABUL (AP) – Afghan President Hamid Karzai threatened over the weekend to quit the political process and join the Taliban if he continued to come under outside pressure to reform, several members of parliament said Monday.Karzai made the unusual statement at a closed-door meeting Saturday with selected lawmakers–just days after kicking up a diplomatic controversy with remarks alleging foreigners were behind fraud in last year’s disputed elections. […]

Afghan President puppet Hamid Karzai, center, surrounded by his body guards walks through Kandahar city, south of Kabul, Afghanistan

“He said that ‘if I come under foreign pressure, I might join the Taliban’,” said Farooq Marenai, who represents the eastern province of Nangarhar.

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"Third Wave of German Jihadists"

“Allah, ich liebe Dich!”

Anti-terrorism authorities are increasingly worried about a “third generation” of German Jihadists travelling – often as whole families – to the lawless tribal region on the Afghan-Pakistan border, according to a Monday media report.

Spiegel cited several cases in which young husbands and wives had moved together to the Waziristan region, even with babies and small children in tow.

Authorities are also concerned by the sheer speed with which this third generation are radicalised and their abrupt readiness to disappear and start a new life in a terror training camp, the Spiegel report said.

More from the Local: Police fear third wave of German Jihadists