Australia: pack-attack and group-think vs free speech

A perfect day in Conroyland

Make no mistake. These media “reforms”, to use the term both loosely and wrongly, have nothing to do with ensuring higher standards of media conduct and greater diversity of views. They are about one thing and one thing only – spite.


Is Australia’s journaillie too dumb to realize what Conroy’s legislation will mean to them?

Andrew Bolt:


Laws to punish the media will put this country in a dangerous place

To now hear the journaillie crying for their muzzle is terrifying.

IT’S shocking enough the Gillard Government tries to muzzle journalists. Worse is that journalists cheer it on.  (full post below the fold)

Three cheers for Piers

Bravo, Piers Akerman, for angrily challenging the three snickering and sneering members of the journalist collective on the set of Insiders to fight for free speech. There was some noisy spinning of wheels in reverse after that justifiably furious outburst, but too little and too late.

Journalists panting for their muzzle.

And what also disgusts me – that pack-attack and group-think mentality which makes so much of Australia’s media so intellectually lazy, complacent and incurious, and so prey to fashionable enthusiasms such as global warming. So Malcolm laughs at Piers as Karen laughs even harder, while glancing over to Barrie to check he’s laughing, too.

More on this issue in the Herald Sun tomorrow.


Reader Linda:

I just watched Insiders on TV and it occurred to me, that those journalists would be apoplectic if a Liberal Party had introduced this bill.They’re just sycophants.


What’s race got to do with it, anyhow?
  • Tough new penalties wanted for racial spite ; The broadcaster Alan Jones could have been jailed for up to three years for labelling Lebanese Muslims ”vermin” and ”mongrels” who ”rape and pillage”, under a proposed overhaul of NSW racial vilification laws

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Now what?

Did you miss him yet?

KRudd to the world

Bad news for diplomats and bureaucrats – Kevin Rudd has been named as the next foreign affairs minister.

Who would have thought that this insufferable parvenu would be back to do even more damage to the nation?

Mark Steyn took a long summer break. Here you can watch him on Danish TV, thanks to Gates of Vienna:

“You have to have something to assimilate to… There’s a huge hole in the heart of where European identity ought to be.”

This interview is in English with Danish subtitles, but there are no English subtitles on the Danish portion:

Filip Dewinter: No Mosque Near Ground Zero

The Islam-supporting Socialist Mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans banned a 9-11 rally in support of the opponents of the Ground Zero mosque. Despite the ban, the Flemish separatist political party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) held a demonstration. (Gates of Vienna)

GoV also reports that

In Austria, a Catholic peace movement known as Pax Christi has called for the construction of further mosques in Austria. The group also wants the new mosques to be allowed to have minarets.

Rudy Giuliani:

“The imam has a right to put the mosque there. Freedom of religion gives him that right. The minister has the right to burn the Quran. The same amendment to the constitution gives him that right,” Giuliani said.  (The Hill)

2 Muslim leaders lecture the west on tolerance over Koran burning

Washington Post religion reporter Michelle Boorstein:

“truly learned people who have diverse human contacts have no logical reason to be concerned about the negative impact of Islam”. (News Busters)

Newsweep lied, people died

Now they have to die all over again because MSNBC political anal-yst Richard Wolffe lies again…. MSNBC’s Wolffe Repeats Debunked Newsweek Claim of Koran Flushed Down Toilet by Guantanamo Interrogators


They don’t make Assholes like this any more: Skeletor Colmes Claims ‘Very Similar Reaction’ from Christians to Muslims Burning Bible as Muslims to Koran-Burning

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali interviewed by Alan Jones 2GB 14/9/2010

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali interviewed by Alan Jones 2GB 14/9/2010 from Steve Estherby on Vimeo.

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali interviewed by Alan Jones 2GB 14/9/2010 from Steve Estherby on Vimeo.