Mark Steyn: Morsi “out of context”

I see Mohamed Morsi, poster boy for the Arab Spring, has now fallen back on the old defense that these touchy over-sensitive Jews have to learn to distinguish between anti-Semitism and legitimate and thoughtful criticism of Israeli policies. Presidential spokesman Yasser Ali now says that Mr. Morsi’s remarks that Jews are “bloodsuckers” and “descendants of apes and pigs” and that Egyptian children must be “breastfed hatred” for them were “taken out of context.” It was just a thoughtful call for a moratorium on settlements, or an expression of concern about disproportionate response, or a vague feeling that that Netanyahu guy is a bit extreme or something. Whatever.

I wonder what the context for this is:

A mother and her seven children have been jailed for 15 years for converting back to Christianity from Islam in Egypt.

Oh, well. Senators McCain and Graham say give Mo the money anyway.

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Marxism in America Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Jerry Boykin Video

An insightful vid thanks to Michael:

Listen to what General William G. Boykin has to say about the Muslim Mafia:

Other  subversive offerings from the Marxist Muslim POTUS:

Giving the Game Away:

Fluke, Baby, Fluke:

When even casual sex requires a state welfare program, you’re pretty much done for.

Mark Steyn: Miss Fluke goes to Washington

»The Blaze»

Mark Steyn: Beating Swords Into Ponzi Shares and the Real Cost of Multiculti

While Europe slept in and slept around:

A nation without a military is no longer a nation.

But beyond that, in a more general sense, nations that abandon their militaries tend also to abandon their national interests: Increasingly, instead of policies, they have attitudes. “Global warming” — “saving” the planet — is the perfect preoccupation for the ever-more-refined sensibilities of the post-national nation.

Whether Greece defaults or gets bailed out one mo’ time doesn’t really matter: It’s insolvent, and there isn’t enough money in Germany to obscure that fact indefinitely. The longer “political reality” tries to dodge real reality, the bloodier the eventual reacquaintance will be. Europeans are going to have to relearn impulses three generations of Continentals have learned to regard as hopelessly vulgar. Can they do that? A land of 30-year-old students and 50-year-old retirees has so thoroughly diverted the great stream of life that it barely comprehends what’s at stake. “Europe” as a geopolitical rather than geographical concept has been for half a century the most conventional of conventional wisdom. Those, like Britain’s Euroskeptics, who dissented from it were derided as “swivel-eyed” “loony tunes.” The loons were right, and the smart set — the political class, the universities, the BBC, Le Monde — were wrong. “Europe” was a blueprint for sclerosis and decline, and then a sudden, devastating fall. As the “loony tunes” could have told them, it ends with, “That’s all, folks.”

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How much does multiculturalism actually cost?

Andrew Bolt – Thursday, October 27, 11

Mark Steyn on an honour killing in Canada which the media can barely bring itself to mention: 

This is a world in which a father and mother sit around the kitchen table with their son plotting how to kill their three daughters. At a certain level, such people are not fully human.

And after the kill, Mr. Shafia called his daughters whores and exhorted the devil to “shit on their graves.”

But they are fully Canadian, at least in the legal sense. They came to Quebec from Afghanistan in 2007. And, for all the sympathetic media murmurings about the difficulties of transitioning from a highly traditional culture to a First World society, the Shafias did find certain uses for modernity: In planning the killing of his sisters, Hamed used a Google search – “where to commit a murder”.

Steyn counts the cost of the dream that radically different cultures can be imported without much trouble: 

It’s hard to see what Canada has to gain from admitting significant numbers of people from the culture that spawned the Shafias. Perhaps in time one could make functioning western citizens of them, but it would be a slow process and, even if we had the stomach for it, would be unlikely to justify itself in cost-benefit terms. So instead they come and settle into a culture that asks nothing of them. And slowly but remorselessly we adapt to them…

The multicultural experiment is not worth it. By the time those who foisted it on the post-war west acknowledge that, it will be too late.


That question again: 

Norway’s capital Oslo has seen a sharp increase in cases of outdoor rape, with the number of attacks in 2011 already double the total for the previous year, according to figures compiled by newspaper Aftenposten.

Police in Oslo registered 24 such cases in 2010 compared to 48 so far this year, Aftenposten said.

Opposition politicians are again raising the alarm and making connections to “the porno generation”. An alert has been put out for a “non-Western-looking” suspect after the most recent attack.

“It can not be denied that many of the culprits have an ethnic background with a critical view of women,” Conservative party justice critic Andre Oktay Dahl told TV2.

Breivik sends his regards…..

Steyn: Pat down of Obama might provide the "definitive answer" "if he's got his birth certificate down there"


Lt. Col. Terry Laikin refuses service till Obama shows his BC

Whether you believe in the ‘birther’ thing or not, the fact that a sitting president had overtly had all his school and other records sealed would never have been accepted from any other president in US history. Something is most definitely rotten in Washington.

Haha! The only thing good about Soros financed Media Matters is that they’re keeping tab on us:

Steyn bets that “Stalin, Hitler, and Mao are kicking themselves” for not thinking up environmentalism

Indeed. “Global Warming” was never more than the greatest transfer of wealth in human history to undeserving third world despots….

Dare to compare:

Cancer survivor forced to show prosthetic breast to TSA agents during airport pat-down

A flight attendant and cancer survivor has revealed her horror at being forced to show her prosthetic breast to a security agent during a pat-down at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (Daily Mail)

Enemas for all…. except for Muslims:

Napolitano considering Hamas-linked CAIR’s demands for Muslim women in airports, including the “self-pat-down”

The Department of Homeland Security needs to clarify its position here without delay.CAIR advised Muslim women in the press release quoted here that:

“Instead of the pat-down, you can always request to pat down your own scarf, including head and neck area”… (Jihad Watch)

Thought I was joking?

Passengers will now be screened by colonoscopy….. WaPo

Napolitano announced that in conjunction with American proctologists, passengers will now be screened by colonoscopy. “This of course requires the understanding and cooperation of the traveling public,” said Napolitano. “People will have to show up a little earlier for flights, and they’ll have to fast for the preceding 24 hours and apply home enemas. But our data show that most American travelers now are in the age group where this should be normal procedure anyway, so this shouldn’t impose undue hardship. Once they understand the benefits, we’re certain the American people will fully support PROBES.”   (WaPo)

Mark Steyn & Liberal Society

Mark Steyn Quote:

A few months after 9/11, I was strolling along the Boulevard de Maisonneuve in Montréal. Across the street there was an “adult” shop with its window full of very explicit gay sex paraphernalia. Struggling past it, laden with shopping bags, was a Muslim woman covered from head to toe. It’s not hard to figure where we’re going:

In ten years’ time, the Muslim woman will still be here, along with many others. The gay sex shop will be gone.

Litigation Jihad: Lawfare Against Truth

What we need to learn from from our enemies

A message from Pamela Geller: Truth is the new hate-speech

The Silence of the Lambs

There are lessons that we can learn from the enemy. There is little admirable in the evil machinations of the left’s tactics, but their defense of their own people is one of them. When one of their own is under attack, they circle the wagons, hunker down, dig in their heels and defend to the death, no matter how egregious the act (think John Edwards, Barney Frank, Charles Rangel, et al — a veritable rogues’ gallery).

The right lacks this quality. We tend to eat our own, and then wonder why we have no real leaders. The right allowed the jackals, the vultures to destroy Sarah Palin; even now we hear that she is unelectable (for 2012). Why? She’s perfect. Palin is the most glaring example, but she is but one in a long line. It has to stop. Would Tom DeLay have resigned if he had been a Democrat? Would Jack Ryan have pulled out of the US Senate race (against Obama, no less) if he had been a Democrat? The list is too long. The right has to man up.

Robert Spencer published this piece at Front Page magazine. He has been a staunch defender of me and my work, a rare and wondeful quality. Thanks, Robert.

* The Demonization of Pamela Geller (read it all)

Richard Warman Sues Blazingcatfur For Linking To “Far Right” Mark Steyn

Warman is suing me for $500,000.00 Dollars. A ridiculous amount for an equally ridiculous lawsuit. Nonetheless even nuisance suits such as this must be defended against. To date legal fees have run me about 10K. I’ve covered that from my own pocket. I am now asking for your help. I know times are hard for many of us but if every reader who visited daily were to contribute 5 or 10 dollars then that would go a long way to helping all of us out.

This is your fight too, well except for the lawyer stuff anyway;)   (read more, here)

Elisabeth’s Voice: Fighting for Free Speech in Austria (Thanks to Vlad Tepes)

Amsterdam Demo 30th October – Free Speech – No Sharia

Kitman TV

Whole Lotta Muzzling Going On

Centre refuses to host Steyn lecture on free speech

A man who talks about free speech and Islam gets banned from talking at a civic auditorium out of fear of angering muslims. You can’t make this stuff up, I wonder if the irony is lost on the managers of the auditorium or on muslims?

Organizers of an upcoming talk by conservative writer Mark Steyn planned for London, Ont., say they were muzzled by a local city-owned convention centre.
Strictly Right have found a larger — and more expensive — venue. Mr. Steyn will speak on Nov. 1 at London’s 1,600-seat Centennial Hall.

Coren on Steyn and The London Sexapalooza Centre (Blazing Cat Fur)

EDL Rally to Support Israel

Here are the pics. Several hundred EDL members marched to the the Israeli Embassy in London and held a peaceful rally in support of Israel with Rabbi Nachum Shifren, a ‘tea party’ California State Senate candidate as guest speaker. London, UK

Breaking News: Rabbi Unable to Speak at Speakers’ Corner (GoV)

The American Rabbi Nachum Shifren is visiting England to meet with members of the English Defence League and express his solidarity with the European resistance to Islamization. See this post at ICLA for a video of a BBC news report featuring Rabbi Shifren. The report describes (in that well-known snarky BBC tone) the growing transatlantic cooperation among groups opposing Islamization.

The English Defence League (EDL) has been meeting with Orthodox Rabbi Nachum Shifren this week ahead of today’s demonstration in support of Israel outside the Israeli embassy in London. This is part of the growing interaction between the EDL and the counter-jihad movement in the US that I enthusiastically support.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren is running for Senate in California. Atlas strongly endorses this candidate. Rabbi Shifren is an Orthodox Rabbi and California State Senate Candidate. Rabbi Shifren has received endorsement from the Jewish community in Los Angeles and  has been praised by organizations throughout the US for his steadfast support for the American Constitution and individual rights. He has built coalitions spanning all ethnic groups (Korean-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics). The EDL has built similar coalitions.

Support the Rabbi – go here. Read the whole thing from Atlas, its important!

The Tundra Tabloids has excellent cover, here:


Support Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff  against  Austria’s Thought Police!

The Gates of Vienna has a list of blogs who support free speech in Austria. WoJ proudly joins this effort against a dictatorial effort to destroy freedom of speech to advance the Islamization of Europe. Elisabeth’s Voice

Mark Steyn: Bowing to Islam

Bowing to Islam’s view (of us)


While I’ve been talking about free speech in Copenhagen, several free speech issues arose in North America. I was asked about them both at the Sappho Award event and in various interviews, so here’s a few thoughts for what they’re worth:

Too many people in the free world have internalized Islam’s view of them. A couple of years ago, I visited Guantanamo and subsequently wrote that, if I had to summon up Gitmo in a single image, it would be the brand-new copy of the Koran in each cell: To reassure incoming prisoners that the filthy infidels haven’t touched the sacred book with their unclean hands, the Korans are hung from the walls in pristine, sterilized surgical masks. It’s one thing for Muslims to regard infidels as unclean, but it’s hard to see why it’s in the interests of us infidels to string along with it and thereby validate their bigotry. What does that degree of prostration before their prejudices tell them about us? It’s a problem that Muslims think we’re unclean. It’s a far worse problem that we go along with it.

Take this no-name pastor from an obscure church who was threatening to burn the Koran. He didn’t burn any buildings or women and children. He didn’t even burn a book. He hadn’t actually laid a finger on a Koran, and yet the mere suggestion that he might do so prompted the president of the United States to denounce him, and the secretary of state, and the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, various G7 leaders, and golly, even Angelina Jolie. President Obama has never said a word about honor killings of Muslim women. Secretary Clinton has never said a word about female genital mutilation. General Petraeus has never said a word about the rampant buggery of pre-pubescent boys by Pushtun men in Kandahar. But let an obscure man in Florida so much as raise the possibility that he might disrespect a book – an inanimate object – and the most powerful figures in the Western world feel they have to weigh in.

Continue reading Mark Steyn: Bowing to Islam

Free Speech, Then And Now

Back in 2005, Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen set the gold standard on defending free speech when, on being approached by perpetually aggrieved Islamic ambassadors hoping for official redress against Jyllands Posten (Cartoon Rage was just kicking in), he refused to hear their plaints, explaining to them and the world that it was not his place, as prime minister, to interfere with free speech in Denmark.

“This is a matter of principle. I will not meet with them [the ambassadors] because it is so crystal clear what principles Danish democracy is built upon that there is no reason to do so…As prime minister, I have no power whatsoever to limit the press – nor do I want such power.” (continue reading/Brussels Journal)

Mark Steyn in Scandinavia: “Sweden, Islam’s most obedient prison bitch”

”One by one the lights go out in Europe because those who have created the multicultural societies will not defend them.”

Authors, comedians and everyone else that does not believe in a multicultural utopia are being persecuted and witch-hunted into silence. The Canadian authorities have even tried –in the best totalitarian tradition – to criminalize Mark Steyn’s jokes. Even his “tone” has been subjected to legal scrutiny.

Sweden, Islam’s Prison Bitch:   “Always a bit worried on Fridays…”

Among the governments that in Steyn’s words compete to be “Islam’s most obedient ‘prison-bitch'” is the one in Sweden. That blue-yellow nation was horrified when one of its own sons drew the Muslim prophet as a dog.

Quite a few Muslims – among them a goodly number organized in the al-Qaeda network – were so infuriated that they issued a fatwa against Lars Vilks. Two amateur terrorists from Sweden subsequently tried to implement it. Luckily they were so disorganized that they managed to pour petrol over themselves and only succeeded in setting themselves and a corner of the artist’s house on fire.

“Those of us with a fatwa are always a bit uneasy on Friday nights – that’s when it always happens,” remarked Lars Vilks as he was showing samples of his work.

That’s because during the Friday kuthba, when the hatepreachers call for jihad against the kafirs, the believers are being conditioned to kill and die in the way of Allah, Koran 9:11.1

Comedy against jihad:

“It is tough to be a female comedian in Norway,” said a grinning Shabana Rehman. “There is always somebody who wants to kill you.”

Read it all

Other news:

Gregorius Nekshot off the hook, (for now)

Want to know what will happen to our civil liberties if we let libs drag us down into moonbat dhimmitude? Look no further than Britainistan, where you don’t have to burn a Koran to get thrown in jail, you just have to watch someone else doing it: (Moonbattery: Still More Koran-Burning Follies)

Meanwhile, in Florida, authorities are trying to bill Terry Jones over $150,000 just for threatening to burn the Koran. In Iran, peace-loving ayatollahs have issued a fatwa calling for the death of Koran burners. Also in Iran, hundreds of Bibles were burned by “security forces,” as the world yawned.

Now what?

Did you miss him yet?

KRudd to the world

Bad news for diplomats and bureaucrats – Kevin Rudd has been named as the next foreign affairs minister.

Who would have thought that this insufferable parvenu would be back to do even more damage to the nation?

Mark Steyn took a long summer break. Here you can watch him on Danish TV, thanks to Gates of Vienna:

“You have to have something to assimilate to… There’s a huge hole in the heart of where European identity ought to be.”

This interview is in English with Danish subtitles, but there are no English subtitles on the Danish portion:

Filip Dewinter: No Mosque Near Ground Zero

The Islam-supporting Socialist Mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans banned a 9-11 rally in support of the opponents of the Ground Zero mosque. Despite the ban, the Flemish separatist political party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) held a demonstration. (Gates of Vienna)

GoV also reports that

In Austria, a Catholic peace movement known as Pax Christi has called for the construction of further mosques in Austria. The group also wants the new mosques to be allowed to have minarets.

Rudy Giuliani:

“The imam has a right to put the mosque there. Freedom of religion gives him that right. The minister has the right to burn the Quran. The same amendment to the constitution gives him that right,” Giuliani said.  (The Hill)

2 Muslim leaders lecture the west on tolerance over Koran burning

Washington Post religion reporter Michelle Boorstein:

“truly learned people who have diverse human contacts have no logical reason to be concerned about the negative impact of Islam”. (News Busters)

Newsweep lied, people died

Now they have to die all over again because MSNBC political anal-yst Richard Wolffe lies again…. MSNBC’s Wolffe Repeats Debunked Newsweek Claim of Koran Flushed Down Toilet by Guantanamo Interrogators


They don’t make Assholes like this any more: Skeletor Colmes Claims ‘Very Similar Reaction’ from Christians to Muslims Burning Bible as Muslims to Koran-Burning

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali interviewed by Alan Jones 2GB 14/9/2010

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali interviewed by Alan Jones 2GB 14/9/2010 from Steve Estherby on Vimeo.

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali interviewed by Alan Jones 2GB 14/9/2010 from Steve Estherby on Vimeo.