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If your religion requires you to hate someone, you need a new religion….

Saudi Professor Calling for Positive Hatred of Christians

This is the meaning of tolerance in Islam. This sheikh calls for hatred toward Christians and he insists that this is not racism, simply because he is not calling hatred against race (white, black, Asian,…) but toward other religion which contradicts Islam. Just pure primitivity. Islamic education is based on hatred of non-Muslims. Christians are taught to love all people and love even their enemies. There is a big difference between the Islamic teachings and Christianity.


In other news:

Belgian Soldiers Deployed to Fight Terrorists Had No Bullets in Rifles
March 27, 2016 Daniel Greenfield    Much of counterterrorism is really security theater. TSA searches that have yet to stop a terrorist. —FRONTPAGEMAG.COM
Belgium attack victim had warned against demonizing Muslims
“Ignorant spreading of anti-Muslim sentiment and propaganda does nothing but benefit ISIS,” victim wrote
Sorry to say, but I’m not above Schadenfreude. There are just too many of these brainwashed drones causing irreversible damage with their mindless kumbaya obsession.

‘Get back in the kitchen whitey’: Vile racist and sexist trolling suffered by the woman who won a discrimination case against the Muslim group who made her sit in ‘women only’ seats at the back of a lecture theatre

  • Victim of discrimination from Muslim group reveals abuse she received
    Alison Bevege successful sued Hizb ut-Tahrir for gender discrimination
    She was called ‘whore’, ‘s***’ and racist by people who disagreed with her
    Ms Bevege was forced to sit in seating that separated women from men
    The controversial Islamic extremist group  the Hizbutts told to stop segregating women
Woman who was ‘s***-shamed’ and called racist shows abuse she suffered
The Sydney woman (pictured) who won a gender discrimination case against Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir has revealed some of the vile abuse she received.—DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Pope slams ‘rejection’ of migrants, refugees in Easter message

Yesterday he kissed the feet of Islamic savages, tomorrow he might kiss who knows what: this pope is a red ratbag and a pandering dolt. Instead of telling Muslims not to hate, not to torture and murder Christians, he demands that his sheeple ask the wolf for protection.

Pope slams 'rejection' of migrants, refugees in Easter message

‘The Easter message of the risen Christ… invites us not to forget those men and women seeking a better future, an ever more numerous throng of migrants and refugees… fleeing from war, hunger, poverty and social injustice,’ Pope Francis says

Pope Francis on Sunday spoke out against the “rejection” of migrants and refugees in his Easter message, as Europe struggles with its biggest migration crisis since World War II.

Security was tight as he delivered his Easter mass to crowds of people gathered below the central balcony of St Peter’s Basilica, just days after the deadly bombings in Brussels.–World Bulletin / News Desk