FBI apologizes for calling mainstream Islam ‘violent,’ but is it wrong?

Muslims remain angry… but is it wrong?

The Bunglaphobia mob whines:

“untangling the Islamophobic thread woven into the FBI’s counterterrorism training culture won’t be easy.”

The FBI library at Quantico currently stacks books from authors who claim that “Islam and democracy are totally incompatible”.

It is. But whether the authors say that or not,  the world’s majority of Muslims and their clerics reject ‘man-made laws’ and the constitution,  which they seek to replace with sharia.  So where’s the beef?

The Bureau’s private intranet recently featured presentations that claimed to demonstrate the “inherently violent nature of Islam”, according to multiple sources. Earlier this year, the Bureau’s Washington Field Office welcomed a speaker who claimed Islamic law prevents Muslims from being truly loyal Americans.

These are undeniable facts. ‘Assimilation is a crime against humanity’ says Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan. In fact every Muslim cleric seconds that.

And as recently as last week, the online orientation material for the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces included claims that Sunni Islam seeks “domination of the world”, according to a law enforcement source.

That’s standard Islamic doctrine, that’s the kind of stuff they preach in every mosque. Why should there be a need to apologize?

The Bunglawussi mob gets support from the Soros financed  “Think Progress” and a site called Danger Room, which blames, you guessed it: Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for doing their job.  Its not that these Islamic ‘civil rights groups’ like Hamas front CAIR can refute anything on substance, its that ‘Islamophobes’ get to tell the truth about Islam, that’s what stands in the way of making Islam dominant.  That irks them.


Why is the FBI caving into the demands of an organization that instructs the Muslim community to “build a wall of resistance: don’t talk to the FBI”?

CAIR Calls for Reform of FBI’s Training on Islam, Muslims

Which means only Muslim Brotherhood members should be allowed to instruct the FBI in ‘sensitivity training’ and ‘cultural diversity’.  And don’t forget the ‘outreach!’  How come we don’t insist that Islam is reformed, from the bottom up?  (source)

BNI:   Enemies of this country, which many Muslims in America clearly are, should not be given a bully pulpit to condemn the counterterrorism policies of the FBI and other governmental agencies trying to keep us safe from Islamic terrorists.  Representatives of Islamic Terrorist Front Groups like CAIR should have their First Amendment rights revoked

 Hamas Front CAIR whines about   “Islamophobic FBI Training” 

From Iran Press TV (of course)

 FBI apologizes for calling mainstream Muslims ‘violent,’ but anger remains

Some American Muslims are not happy with the FBI’s apology for an incident in which a trainer at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va., told 37 agents in an April session that “mainstream” Muslims are likely to be terrorist symphathizers, that the prophet Muhammad was a “cult leader,” and that the more “devout” a Muslim the more likely he is to be “violent,” Wired reports.

The FBI building. ( Rich Clement – Bloomberg)In a statement, the FBI says the training segment in question has been discontinued, the instructor who conducted it was fired, and that they believed it was an isolated instance, according to Wired.

But Muslim groups say that’s not good enough.  (WaPo has more)

UK: Radical Headbanger Azad Ali Still Advising the Police

Azad Ali appears to be still in place as an advisor to the Metropolitan Police. Seriously. The man who praised Al Qaeda’s Anwar Al Awlaki, who opposes democracy  “if it means at the expense of not implementing the sharia”, and who supports the killing of British troops, is actually advising the Metropolitan Police:  (Harry’s)

When Islam moves in, Freedom goes out the door:

“Where France and Islam are concerned, the true scandal is not the legally-sanctioned oppression of Muslims but of the State-supported suppression of free-speech.”


Litigation Jihad over "Muslims should hate non-Muslims' fails

Well, we all know that hating the infidel is the essence of Mohammedanism. The irony is, that, if we report it and refer to Islamic scriptures or to what they’re saying in the mosques, the multiculturally afflicted, the Muslim invaders and  their freshly hijabbed  reverts get hissy fits and call us “ignorant, haters, wacists, bigots or Islamophobics”-  and loudly call for our  extermination.

But in some rare cases it backfires, like here:

Win One, Lose One:

Islamist hardliners lose another libel action

By Andrew Gilligan

One of the key tactics Islamist hardliners use to suppress reporting of their activities is to hassle those who write about them with libel actions, Press Complaints Commission complaints, and so on. Thankfully, there is growing evidence that this tactic is failing.

Azad Ali

Last year the enlightened progressives at Harry’s Place still called  for the support of Azad Ali, this  magnificent “bridge builder”….. we reported, here: Muslim civil servant suspended over ‘kill British soldiers’ blog

Today, in a very significant judgment, a man named Azad Ali lost his High Court libel case against an article in the Mail on Sunday which described how he had been suspended from his job as a Treasury civil servant after writing a highly controversial post on his blog.

As I put it in my own story for my then newspaper, the Evening Standard, Ali praised a spiritual leader of al Qaeda, Abdullah Azzam, denied the Mumbai attacks were “terrorism” and quoted, apparently approvingly, a statement advocating the killing of British troops in Iraq.

He criticised those Muslims who “tell people that Islam is a religion of peace”. He described non-Muslims as “sinners” and said Muslims should “hate [non-Muslims’] disbelieving actions”.

In his ruling today, Mr Justice Eady said: “I would hold that [Ali]  was indeed, in November 2008 and for so long as the blog remained available, taking the position that the killing of American and British troops in Iraq (whether before or after the 2005 elections) would be justified…In those circumstances, the claim can be categorised legitimately as ‘bound to fail’ and as having about it an ‘absence of reality’.”

Interestingly, I and the Standard never received any complaint from Ali about my piece, nor were we ever threatened with litigation.

This is the second time in two months that Islamist hardliners have suffered a serious reverse in court. In November, the think-tank Policy Exchange won its long-running legal battle with the North London Central Mosque which alleged extremist influence there.

For the first time in a long while, something appears to be going right in the libel courts…

Ed Husain's Cheap Jihad Against Melanie Phillips

Ever met a “moderate Muslim?”

Ed Husain pretends to be one, and  cashed in on it, again and again. But when it comes to the crunch, this “moderate” pretender hastens to the rescue of his co-religionist Inayat Bunglawussi, who recently pretended to be himself a moderate muslim and in the process, he reveals just a little too much about the religious fervor, the “fanatical frenzy” (Churchill) that afflicts all the the soldiers of Allah, most of the time.

Ed Husain, the snake

Here, in the Guardian (for Muslims) the moderate Ed Husain is allowed to relieve himself:

“Melanie Philips’s zealotry and ignorance frighten me. How did we produce a public commentator filled with such anger, venom and hatred?”

Oh dear! A full-grown Muselmaniac is frightened of a little, fragile Jewess!  You may read Melanie Phillips article, dear reader, and then please compare it with Ed Husain’s anger, venom and hatred. The leopard doesn’t change his spots….

“The personal jihad of Melanie Phillips”

Hold your horses, Eddy: do Jews wage jihad? I thought that was a Mohammedan thing?

In her McCarthy-style paranoid parallel universe, the Spectator columnist views every Muslim a potential Islamist terrorist.

Melanie’s most recent outburst is not against al-Muhajiroun extremists, but individuals and groupings trying to oppose them.

Phillips and others have repeatedly asked why the MCB and its affiliates do not oppose extremism. Well, this weekend, a leading affiliate, the Islamic Society of Britain, and a prominent leader of the MCB, Inayat Bunglawala, will, once again, oppose extremism. Rather than welcome this much-needed shift in protecting Britain’s national security, setting the right tone among activist Muslims, Melanie imagines a grand conspiracy lying behind his actions. Even when he is right, he is wrong. Inayat, with all his faults, has risked much among entrenched, dinosaur Muslim “leaders” by publicly supporting gay rights, freedom of speech for Salman Rushdie and Geert Wilders, and challenging conventional narratives on creationism. Holding him to account for comments made in 1993, from which he has since very plainly distanced himself, is neither fair nor humane.

Ed Husain, the “moderate”, spews a bit of bile, appeals to “fairness and humanity”  (was there ever a case of Muslims offering unbelievers “fairness and humanity?”)  smears “Robert Spencer’s brigade of trolls” in the process, and comes out of it smelling like the sewer he crawled out of.

“I have hope for British Muslims…”- sez Ed Husain.

I don’t.

Not if the “moderates” prove to be such creeps. Again and again and again….

Here is Melanie Phillips answer:  Ed Husain and me

Other articles by Ed Husain: Britain has a duty to Arabs

In other news:

Revealed: Lockerbie bomber defies doctors’ prediction of death

Islamist advises Crown Prosecution Service

UK: No Islamic Headbanger Left Behind:

A civil servant who has praised the mentor of Osama bin Laden is advising the Crown Prosecution Service on Islamic extremism.

By Duncan Gardham, Telegraph UK

Fox guarding the chicken coop alert:

Azad Ali, who was suspended from his job at the Treasury over controversial comments he made on his internet blog, is now on a panel advising the CPS on incitement to racial and religious hatred.

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