Ed Husain's Cheap Jihad Against Melanie Phillips

Ever met a “moderate Muslim?”

Ed Husain pretends to be one, and  cashed in on it, again and again. But when it comes to the crunch, this “moderate” pretender hastens to the rescue of his co-religionist Inayat Bunglawussi, who recently pretended to be himself a moderate muslim and in the process, he reveals just a little too much about the religious fervor, the “fanatical frenzy” (Churchill) that afflicts all the the soldiers of Allah, most of the time.

Ed Husain, the snake

Here, in the Guardian (for Muslims) the moderate Ed Husain is allowed to relieve himself:

“Melanie Philips’s zealotry and ignorance frighten me. How did we produce a public commentator filled with such anger, venom and hatred?”

Oh dear! A full-grown Muselmaniac is frightened of a little, fragile Jewess!  You may read Melanie Phillips article, dear reader, and then please compare it with Ed Husain’s anger, venom and hatred. The leopard doesn’t change his spots….

“The personal jihad of Melanie Phillips”

Hold your horses, Eddy: do Jews wage jihad? I thought that was a Mohammedan thing?

In her McCarthy-style paranoid parallel universe, the Spectator columnist views every Muslim a potential Islamist terrorist.

Melanie’s most recent outburst is not against al-Muhajiroun extremists, but individuals and groupings trying to oppose them.

Phillips and others have repeatedly asked why the MCB and its affiliates do not oppose extremism. Well, this weekend, a leading affiliate, the Islamic Society of Britain, and a prominent leader of the MCB, Inayat Bunglawala, will, once again, oppose extremism. Rather than welcome this much-needed shift in protecting Britain’s national security, setting the right tone among activist Muslims, Melanie imagines a grand conspiracy lying behind his actions. Even when he is right, he is wrong. Inayat, with all his faults, has risked much among entrenched, dinosaur Muslim “leaders” by publicly supporting gay rights, freedom of speech for Salman Rushdie and Geert Wilders, and challenging conventional narratives on creationism. Holding him to account for comments made in 1993, from which he has since very plainly distanced himself, is neither fair nor humane.

Ed Husain, the “moderate”, spews a bit of bile, appeals to “fairness and humanity”  (was there ever a case of Muslims offering unbelievers “fairness and humanity?”)  smears “Robert Spencer’s brigade of trolls” in the process, and comes out of it smelling like the sewer he crawled out of.

“I have hope for British Muslims…”- sez Ed Husain.

I don’t.

Not if the “moderates” prove to be such creeps. Again and again and again….

Here is Melanie Phillips answer:  Ed Husain and me

Other articles by Ed Husain: Britain has a duty to Arabs

In other news:

Revealed: Lockerbie bomber defies doctors’ prediction of death

Islamist advises Crown Prosecution Service

UK: No Islamic Headbanger Left Behind:

A civil servant who has praised the mentor of Osama bin Laden is advising the Crown Prosecution Service on Islamic extremism.

By Duncan Gardham, Telegraph UK

Fox guarding the chicken coop alert:

Azad Ali, who was suspended from his job at the Treasury over controversial comments he made on his internet blog, is now on a panel advising the CPS on incitement to racial and religious hatred.

Ali, a government IT worker, is acting as an unpaid member of a “community involvement panel” which is chaired by the CPS head of counter terrorism. He is representing the Muslim Safety Forum, a group of Muslim organisations that advise the Metropolitan Police.

Ali was reinstated to his job earlier this year after a six month suspension when the Treasury said it had “dealt with the matter in accordance with our disciplinary procedures.”

On his blog, hosted by the Islamic Europe Forum, an organisation linked with East London Mosque, Ali , said he found ‘much truth’ in an interview with an Islamic militant who said: ‘If I saw an American or British an wearing a soldier’s uniform inside Iraq I would kill him because that is my obligation.”

He also wrote about the British government’s policy on Gaza under the heading “We are the resistance”, saying: “There is no respite from the terrorist slaughter machine of the Zionist state of Israel. America and our own government have given much fuel to this machine and in fact helped to build the killing machine.”

In another post on Gaza in January entitled “We are the resistance II”, Ali described some Muslim moderates as “nothing but self-serving vultures, feeding on the dead flesh of the Palestinians”.

He has also used his blog to praise Abdullah Azzam, regarded as a key spiritual mentor to Osama Bin Laden, saying Azzam was one of the “few Muslims who promote the understanding of the term jihad in its comprehensive glory” as both a doctrine of “self-purification” and of “warfare”.

Ali has also used his blog to deny that the Mumbai attacks last November, in which 173 people were killed, were an act of terrorism. He has also defended Hizb ut-Tahrir, an extremist group which opposes western democracy.

The Crown Prosecution Service said the panel on which Ali serves “discusses practices and policies in relation to the incitement to racial and religious hatred. It feeds into the CPS’s counterterrorism division and considers issues on a thematic basis. It does not discuss individual cases.”

Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Commons subcommittee on counterterrorism, said: “This is the sort of politically correct appointment which the government will make in haste but may regret at leisure.”

Ali has declined to comment.

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9 thoughts on “Ed Husain's Cheap Jihad Against Melanie Phillips”

  1. having read some of MP’s pieces she does NOT say every Muslim is an Islamist/Jihadi.
    Husain has been ‘outed’ before for pretending to be a moderate.

  2. A clever parasite who knows how to play the game. Just like the Bunglawuss, just like Tariq Ramadan, just like Azad Ali and all of them for whom the ends justify the means.

    Nullabor aids and abets and pays for them…

  3. Spot on Sheik, Gramfan,

    The present danger are the politicians who are converting our security into their votes. Hussain in not a moderate – just anoth piece of islamist shiite..

  4. I think people should be writing to the editors of the Guardian complaining about this islamic thug, husain, When faced with enough public displeasure the editors will do as they are told. Another idea – simply don’t buy the Guardian any more. If they cannot sell newspapers they will have to change editors – that is the first level that will get cut.

  5. Some people think it’s a joke that Muslims are systematically taking control of this our country.

    Well, it’s no joke, just wait till there is a Muslim Prime Minister like Tony Blair said we may have one day

    We need to do something about the devout Muslims and the only thing that we can do is vote BNP

    St John’s church in Manchester is to become a Muslim Mosque and the Christian grave markers have been crushed to make a Muslim car park. Whatever happened to RIP.

    Our leaders be it Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or David Cameron have betrayed our trust none of them, care about British heritage or our culture but the BNP care and in them rests our one and our only salvation.

    The enemy is within and occupying our towns and cities and our Christian churches one by one become their Mosques. The destruction of Christian grave stones to make a Muslim car park is an act of disrespect beyond measure and a warning that Islam is the future of UK not only by the will of the Muslims but also by the traitorous will of our future Governments.

    Resist the Government and the devout Muslims with the BNP.

  6. Sheik,

    Hope yer mammiy’s okay. I have always had my doubts about Ed Hussain: as a friend of mine put it: “he’s as smooth as well-oiled duck-sxxt.” Melanie Phillips is worth her weight in gold dust because she has a good insight, keen intellect and knows a great deal about the problems of Islamic fundamentalism and what it is doing to UK society.

    In Australia we have a few of the same ilk as Hussain and I won’t mention their names in case there are legal problems. They are all highly skilled in the Islamic discipline of taqqiya (disinformation, deception etc) and if you are interested enough, I have a paper written by an expert on the subject, who unfortunately now suffers a severe mental condition probably induced by attacks on him not only from Islamic fundamentalists but also from the usual suspects – the clique or claque of academics, civil libertarians, lawyers, politicians and a miscellaneous bunch on the left, who think we suffer from Islamophobia.

    If that condition – Islamophobia – exists, ( a dubious proposition in itself) it is a construct of the left-wing mindset which hates America first and Western society shortly thereafter. It seeks to blame us for cultural insensitivity and alienation of well-meaning migrant groups.

    These are the same people, who during the Cold War, foisted moral equivalence on academe and attempted it in the public arena. The secret is that they really hate themselves but rather than doing the honorable thing and admitting it, then committing ritual suicide, they do their best to sabotage government, civics, and the population at large. Keep up the good work.

  7. As you are all surely aware, British Muslims are seething, seething with anger because FAR RIGHT, very FAR RIGHT, extremely FAR RIGHT, Geert Wilders was allowed into their country to spread his message of hate. They will explode (literally), and it will all be our fault.

  8. “Revealed: Lockerbie bomber defies doctors’ prediction of death”

    That’s wonderful news!
    Next news feed from “The Happy Land of Islam” will be an explanatory story about how he was miraculously cured as a result of the daily practise of drinking massive amounts of a cocktail of “camel milk and urine”.
    No, I am not making this up!

  9. Sheik, I’ve seen you commenting on jihadwatch.org

    I’ve always suspected Ed to be dodgy ever since reading his book, which while providing some interesting information, never ceases with the Islam-is-peace crap.

    Good job!

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