There was no genocide in Srebrenica, but a hell of a lot of false propaganda!

“After 14 years of investigating events that took place in Srebrenica in 1995 I can attest there was no genocide over Muslims in that enclave”

The strange thing about this case is that self-proclaimed anti-jihadists who have no trouble recognizing Palestinian “Paliwood” War-Is-Deceit propaganda designed to advance the jihad cause by manufacturing Israeli atrocities, and who even recognize fauxtography generated by the Palestinians, Iran, and others for the same purpose, refuse even to consider the possibility that Muslims could have carried out any deceptive atrocity-manufacturing in the Balkans. Indeed, some even charge that anyone who thinks that Balkan Islamic jihadists carried out any deception at all must be secretly a sympathizer of this genocide-that-never-was.

But that, of course, is a common tactic of both Leftists and jihadists: if you can’t refute ’em, defame ’em.

“Srebrenica: More Myth Than Massacre,” by Caleb Posner, August 25:

As the saying goes, history is written by the winners. And when it comes to the former Yugoslav peoples, that can readily be described as everybody but the Serbs. So it is unsurprising then that they have been vilified throughout the West, labeled as war criminals and butchers whose unmitigated xenophobia caused the collapse of a great multi-ethnic state and the bloodiest set of wars Europe had witnessed in a half century. Yet much as Joe Biden and other Serbophobic politicians who called for the repeated bombing of Serbia during the Wars of Yugoslav Secession might believe that summary to be accurate, the facts simply do not lend themselves to such a conclusion. This may be no better demonstrated than by looking at Srebrenica, which has long been Exhibit A in the court of world opinion in the case against the Serbs.

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Balkan Jihad

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macedonian_muslims_protest_cartoons1            Moderate Macedonian Muslims

Shocker: Finnish Capital’s Newspaper Helsingin Sanomat Discovers the Rise of Islam in Bosnia…….

Double Shocker: Helsingin Sanomat manages to downplay the role Islam plays in Bosnia

Helsinki paper is confused about Islam’s increasingly
high profile in “moderate” Bosnia

It just does not fit the model that Western stooges have had explained to them, that being, Islam is and always has been a part of Europe, so there is nothing to be alarmed about, just look at “moderate Bosnia“. Like the Tundra Tabloids has explained earlier, silver tongued apologists for Islam have had their way, for a long time now, with well placed, compliant fools here in the West.

The following article in the Helsingin Sanomat, regardless of the fact that it takes notice of the rise in the traditionalist/fundamentalist approach to Islam in Bosnia, and that it’s funded by Saudi money, is just indicative of that continued foolishness. The journalist finds a way to end the article (subscription and free version differ somewhat) to let Islam off the hook, in that “moderate Islam” is indeed a viable commodity in spite of the fact that it’s actually an anomaly, when viewed in the historical perspective. More from the Tundra Tabloids>>

Serbia jails 11 Muslims for jihad terror plots (including plans to blow up the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade)

Of course, everyone knows there is no jihad in the Balkans. Everyone knows that the Muslims there are all peaceful, America-loving moderates. Everyone knows that anyone and everyone who dares to think otherwise is a white supremacist, genocidally inclined hatemonger.

The only ones who don’t seem to have gotten these messages are those pesky Balkan jihadists.

“Serbia: Eleven Muslims jailed for terror plots,” from AKI, July 3 (thanks to JW):

Belgrade, 3 July (AKI) – A special Belgrade court on Friday sentenced 11 members of a radical Islamic Wahabi movement to more than 60 years in prison after they were found guilty of planning terrorist activities and illegal weapons possession.

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Balkan Jihad

Muslim with suicide bomber vest arrested in secular, moderate Kosovo, where there is no jihad

Yet another blow to the prevailing wisdom. “Kosovo Albanian with suicide vest arrested,” from Serbianna, February 16 (thanks to Islam In Action via JW):

Sarajevo: Islam classes in kindergarten seen as part of “obvious attempt to Islamicize the city”

* Ah, but not to worry, didn’t Rotten Totten just travel the country and couldn’t find anything  other than lots o’love for the good old USA?

Anybody want to guess where this is going, even in modern, moderate, secular Bosnia, where everyone knows there is no jihad or Islamic supremacism?

“It is yet another step in an obvious attempt to Islamicize the city.”

“Islam classes cause uproar,” by Amra Hadziosmanovic for Agence France-Presse, ( scroll down for full article from JW)


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