What is Owed to the Serbs

At the time, few people knew what was going on. The clueless lame stream media did its best to obfuscate what really happened. Kudos to Pamela Geller for reminding us of this disgraceful, craven betrayal of the Christian Serbs on behalf of the Balkan Muslims.

On March 24, 1999, Bill Clinton unleashed a disastrous NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia, against the Christian Serbs, against a sovereign nation that did not pose a threat to members of the alliance.

The bombing campaign was the second major combat op in its history, following the 1995 bombing of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The US involvement against the Christian Serbs was astonishing. Fifteen years on, we see the poison fruit of Clinton’s war, including the ethnic cleansing of Sarajevo (now all Muslim), while paving the way for an Islamic state in the heart of Europe.

Much thanks to Julia Gorin, who reminds me to mark this black day: “A day that means nothing by now to the forgetful American mind, but a day that will live in infamy more than any other in my mind and in those of others who remember.

Statue of slick Willie n Kosovo’s capital Pristina


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Is the “International Community” Islamic?

Pamela Geller:

The “International Community” outraged about new church being built near Islamic “memorial center”

The “International Community” is outraged about a new church that is being built near “Srebrenica memorial center.”


…”For the local Bosnian Serb population, the church, built just a few hundred metres above a memorial  centre for the victims of a genocide, is a necessity.”
“…For the victims’ families and the international community, the new church is pure provocation.”

Hey “International Community,” what do you think about a mosque near the WTC Plane Crash Memorial? And the Dome of the Rock on top of the first and second Jewish temple? And where is the outrage by the international community now that the most exquisite and extraordinary 13th-century Church of Hagia Sophia is to be converted back into a mosque? 

And it is long proven that Srebrenica was no genocide. Funny how the media advances these outrageous blood libels so matter-of-factly, but never refers to the Islamic slaughter of millions of Armenian Christians under the Turks as a genocide. Sick.

More: The “International Community” 

Useless UN Trials

The United Nation’s Useless Genocide Trials

Abolish the UN!

How effective is the United Nations at tackling genocide? When it happens or is about to happen, its peacekeeping forces usually find a good reason to be somewhere else. And the Security Council and General Assembly find some pressing Israeli matter to concentrate on. But what about after the fact?

The United Nations boasts of leading the charge against genocide through its tribunals. Warlords and generals who commit mass murder are supposed to fear the wrath of the international community. But how much wrath is there to fear?   (Sultan Knish takes a real close look)

Picture Worth a Thousand Lies

Posted by Julia Gorin

Substitute the word “France” with the word “Yugoslavia” and you’re in the 1990s Balkans. 

But This is How it Started for Serbia   by Julia Gorin

The truth might come out after all:

Bosnian-Muslim Warlord and Torturer Threatens to Spill the Beans about Srebrenica “Genocide”

Oric is threatening to reveal the truth about Srebrenica (Translation from Vesti Online, Apr. 3)

The Party for Democratic Action (SDA) in Bosnia Hercegovina fears that the wartime commander of the Muslim forces in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, will fulfill his threats and tell the truthabout the sacrifices in Srebrenica, if he appears at the trial of Radovan Karadzic in The Hague.

According to “Press” Republika Srpska, Oric has on numerous occasions publicly threatened that he will reveal the real truth about Srebrenica, which he has sent to 17 addresses in the event that something happens to him.

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Destroying Christianity


Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, who is known as a mastermind of the government’s strategy against Christians, admitted that government actions aimed at destroying Christianity have thus far failed.

“Culture of Jihad”

“The Islamic Revolution has given us the culture of jihad as a gift and now jihadists should grant it to other nations,” (source)

The Arch-lunatic of Canterbury takes his head out of his arse, just for a moment:

Christians in the Middle East face “extremist atrocities”


Taking a dentist’s livelihood from him for speaking of God

Is this what we’ve come to?

A CONFESSED “God-botherer” Geelong dentist was likely to re-offend after failing to show any remorse for trying to convert a patient lying in his chair, a tribunal has heard.

Here’s a simple solution. If you don’t like the dentist, go to another. (Bolt)

Kosovo: Muslims turn church into public toilet, waste dump

It sure is great that the U.S. fought to “liberate” these people! Perhaps they will build another statue for Slick Willie, who bombed the Christians and helped the Muslims to establish several Narco-Jihad fiefdoms smack in the middle of EUrabia!

Islamic Tolerance Alert from modern, moderate, pro-American Kosovo: “Church in Smodreza turned into public toilet again,” from emg.rs, June 11 (thanks to JW):

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Dr. Srdja Trifkovic, Banned from Canuckistan

Update: Srdja Trifkovic has expanded on this email in an article at the Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies: “Emir Ramic, a Jew-Hating Fundamentalist?”

The Jew-Haters of the IRGC (GoV)

In Canada, only the politically correct truth is acceptable

A Bosnian-Muslim propaganda front, calling itself The Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada, demanded to have Dr. Srdja Trifkovic “banned” from speaking at the University of British Columbia on February 24. The ensuing campaign soon escalated into demands to keep  him  out of Canada altogether. The authorities have now obliged. Good dhimmies.
feature photo

Dr. Srdja Trifkovic

On Thursday, March 24, I was denied entry to Canada. After six hours’ detention and sporadic interrogation at Vancouver airport I was escorted to the next flight to Seattle. It turns out I am “inadmissible on grounds of violating human or international rights for being a proscribed senior official in the service of a government that, in the opinion of the minister, engages or has engaged in terrorism, systematic or gross human rights violations, or genocide, a war crime or a crime against humanity within the meaning of subsections 6 (3) to (5) of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.”

It appears that my contacts with the Bosnian Serb leaders in the early nineties make me “inadmissible” today. As it happens I was never one of their officials, “senior” or otherwise, but the story has been told often enough (most recentlyin one of my witness testimonies at The Hague War Crimes Tribunal). The immigration officer at Vancouver decided that what was good for The Hague was not good enough for Canada; but her decision evidently had been written somewhere else by someone else well before my arrival. (She was so out of her depth that she asked me if President Vojislav KoÅ¡tunica had been indicted for war crimes.)

I’ve visited Canada some two dozen times since the Bosnian war ended; ironically, one of those visits, in February 2000, was to provide expert testimony before the Canadian House of Commons in Ottawa. Why should the Canadian authorities suddenly decide to keep me out of the country now, and for transparently spurious reasons? Well, because the Muslims told them so. The campaign started when a Bosnian-Muslim propaganda front, calling itself The Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada, demanded to have me “banned” from speaking at the University of British Columbia on February 24. The ensuing campaign soon escalated into demands to keep me out of Canada altogether. The authorities have now obliged.

As Ambassador James Bissett noted last week, what is outrageous is that, over the years, this “Institute” has indulged in the denial of a real genocide in the former Yugoslavia. It has also attempted to blacken the reputation of one of Canada’s most highly respected soldiers by posting (last December 26) “The Shocking Account by Raped Bosniak Women and Criminal Undertakings of Lt. General (Ret.) Lewis Mackenzie”:

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Freedom for Iraq!

There are some photos from the pullout here. But I thought the cartoon is much closer to reality:

TOTUS Malfunction

You would think with so much practice under his belt, the Manchurian Moonbat would be able to blame Bush without needing the teleprompter to feed him one word at a time:

Maybe even the TOTUS is starting to choke on this clown’s stale BS. (Moonbattery)

If Saddam Was Still Alive Today…

Update: OBAMA’S IRAQ SPEECH – Pathetic Cut-&-Runner Takes Credit For Victory

A bow and an apology…

I declare that Iraqi Freedom is over.

Our commitment to Iraq’s future is not over.
(From a politician who once endorsed genocide over victory.)

It’s time to turn the page.

Cut-&-Runners Hussein Obama and Joe Biden joined fellow democrats and voted four times to cut funding for US troops serving in Iraq. (Gateway Pundit)

Other news:

Germany To Serbia: It’s Time To Toe EU Line On Kosovo

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle who recently found out that it is unwise to take his boyfriend along on official government business to  Muslim/Arab  countries, just threatened Serbia:

Toe the line, or else…!

Another disaster, another ‘land for peace deal’ gone terribly wrong.

Lefty loony pretzel logic: “If  we don’t submit to what the  Muslims want they’ll kill us all”

Taliban Claims Mosque Debate Will Inspire Terrorists:

“I expect we will soon be receiving more American Muslims like Faisal Shahzad who are looking for help in how to express their rage,” he said.  Mosque opponent Tim Brown, a former firefighter who responded to the World Trade Center on 9/11, said the Taliban claims are not a surprise.

“No matter what happens, it’s a recruitment tool. I think that’s why Imam Rauf chose that location,” Brown said, referring to the imam at the helm of the effort to build a $100 million Islamic center two blocks from the World Trade Center.

Montenegro Jihad

Montenegro steps up surveillance after Muslim politician calls for new autonomous province

Still looking to chip away territory wherever the opportunity seems to present itself. And why not? It’s worked this far. “Montenegro: Radical Muslims placed under surveillance,” from AdnKronos International, August 19/via JW

Monastery in Montenegro

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Fritz Özdemir

Call him Fritz and the boy will be a genius!

Now we know, finally, why Muhammad, Murat and Ahmed can’t get ahead in German schools: not because of their lousy performance; its because of their first names! This was discovered by   Oldenburg’s Erziehungswissenschaftlerin  (education scientist!) Astrid Kaiser….. More from PI, (in German) Migrantenkinder wegen des Namens benachteiligt

Women cannot be judges:

They’re just working from Islamic texts: If the Qur’an — Allah’s own words, if you believe Muhammad — says a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man (Qur’an 2:282), the idea of a woman as arbiter of the testimony of x number of men, and of women (multiply x by 0.5), and the thought of how many women judges it would take to be equivalent to a man (every case would require solving for an unknown constant ndepending on the number of witnesses) is a story problem beyond what they probably what they teach at Dar ul-Uloom’s madrassahs.

“Now a Darul Uloom fatwa against women judges,” from the Press Trust of India, via JW

Kosovo: Monasteries at risk as NATO withdraws protection

Without the consent of the local Orthodox Church, whose fate now lies in the hands of local police. What could possibly go wrong under the new “protection” (read: “dhimmitude”) arrangement? The article gives some indication to what has happened already, but chalks it up to strictly ethnic rivalries. And nothing else.

“Kosovo: Serb monasteries ‘at risk’ as NATO exits,” from AdnKronos International, August 6 (thanks to JW)

Litigation Jihad: ACLU helping jihad terror imam al-Awlaki’s father sue CIA

No Islamic terrorist left behind: the ACLU means business.

Pakistan: Coffin of Hindu youth killed in air crash labeled as “Infidel”

Islamic supremacism applies even to the dead. “Pak Hindu youth’s coffin labelled as ‘kaafir,'” from PTI

Muslim Gangs Prey on Young Middle-Class Girls (UK)…

This week a girl who was abducted at the age of 14 and forced to work as a sex slave gave evidence in court that helped convict the nine men who sexually abused her. In this article, Sue Reid reveals how charities are helping those victims of this terrible abuse and importantly, why they are pushing the state to not hold back in their quest to find and convict the grotesque individuals. Daily Mail via RoP

They really love Tony BLiar (in Kosovo)

Tony Blair: ‘A Leader, A Friend, A Hero’

The Daily Telegraph has the story: they love him in Kosovo.

(No wonder. In one of the greatest betrayals in human history this creep convinced Slick Willie to bomb the Christian Serbs out of their ancestral homelands  to establish 3 brandnew narco-jihad statelets right smack in the middle of Europe)

Atlas Shrugs: what really happened in the Balkans

The more light is shed, the more foul the stench….

Huge props to Julia Gorin, who is keeping Atlas & WoJ readers updated on the exposure of the lies and libels used to demonize the Serbs and lure the US into fighting with Muslims against the Christians in the Balkans. Nuremberg II: **Crickets Chirping** in Newsrooms Across the World

Alternative Reality:  Inayat Bunglawussi has a website hilariously entitled Inayat’s Corner. if you wanna test the limits of your sanity pay it a visit. (H/T Harry’s)

Taliban Monkey’s

Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents are training monkeys to use weapons to attack American troops, according to a recent report by a British-based media agency. Weasel Zippers has the story from  The People’s Daily

From the RoP:

Eyeontheworld: Abbas offers Israel the Western Wall and the Old City of Jerusalem (which belong to Israel anyway) as part of a peace deal / More…

His chances are good:

Abbas’ associates trying to convince Norwegian committee members to grant him Nobel Peace Prize

(Ynet) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wants to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, diplomatic source in Oslo say.

‘Moderate’ Pali Terrorist Calls for Arab Invasion of Israel…

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, branded a “moderate” by the international community, let his true colors show during a recent meeting with writers and journalists when he stated that he would favor a pan-Arab military offensive against the Jewish state

Pakistan:  Bomber Takes Out 65 People in Line for Aid…

Jihad vs wheelchairs & cripples:

A SUICIDE bomber struck outside a government office in Pakistan’s tribal belt yesterday, killing at least 65 people among a crowd waiting for aid distribution.

Yesterday’s attack also wounded at least 100 people in Yakaghund village in the Mohmand tribal region. The Pakistan Taliban claimed responsibility, according to local media reports.

Many of those killed and injured were queuing for wheelchairs and farming equipment handed out by the government to people displaced by the conflict. More>>>

Musel-mob Massacres Christian Wife and Four Children…

Kosovo, mon amour


Judges in modern, moderate Kosovo refuse U.S. request to extradite accused jihadist

But, but, but, I thought that in Kosovo they were all moderate Muslims who loved America! I read all about it in Commentary! “Kosovo: Judges Say No to U.S. Request for Extradition of Terrorism Suspect,” from AP via JW

They really like America over there, because we helped them throw the Christian Serbs out of their ancestral homelands. The gratitude of Muslims is legendary…. (sarc/off)

Thousands rally in Kosovo in support of Muslim headscarf

Kosovo Muslim women take part in a protest against the government’s decision to ban pupils from wearing Muslim headscarves in public schools in Pristina June 18, 2010.

Trouble in paradise.

So far the Muslims there have destroyed hundreds of churches.

PRISTINA – Thousands Kosovo Albanians staged a protest rally Friday in Pristina after girls were banned from school for refusing to take off their Muslim headscarves…Read more…/Islamization Watch

No More Serbian Bean-soup for German Police

Out of political correctness and out of  misguided suspicion against Serb patriotism the German police has replaced ‘Serb Bean-soup’  with ‘Bean soup with sausage and bread roll” PI

(image of bean-soup removed do to copyright)

Chechen Women Target of Headscarf Threat Leaflets

Chose wisely, ladies:

In Gudermes, a city in Chechnya, leaflets have begun to appear on posts near the city bus station and in the vicinity of the marketplace, warning Chechen girls to wear headscarves, eyewitnesses report.

Better stock up: Chechnyan women have begun receiving threats of violence to ‘encourage’ them to cover themselves

Townspeople say a large number a lot of such leaflets have also appeared in other parts of the city. They read:

“Dear sisters! We want to remind you that every Chechen woman must wear, according to norms and traditions of Islam and our customs, a headscarf. Isn’t it nasty for you, while dressed defiantly, with your head uncovered, hear various obscene ‘compliments’ and proposals? Think again! Today, we poured paint over you. It’s just a warning. Don’t force us to resort to tougher measures!”   UnDhimmi has the story….

Kosovar Albanian Muslim arrested for role in jihad attack in North Carolina

The unnamed “Kosovo Albanian male” probably had a role in this North Carolina jihad plot, which is known to have included Kosovar Albanian Muslims — which must come as a shock to the dhimmis, the willfully ignorant, the useful idiots and the collaborators at places like Commentary and elsewhere, who have staked so much on the false assumption that Albanian Muslims in Kosovo are all moderate, peace-loving supporters of the United States.

“Kosovo terror suspect arrested on U.S. warrant,” from RFE/RL, June 17 (thanks to JW)

How slick Willie  Sold Our Children to Islam

Allah ‘s apostle said, ” I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,’ (Hadith 4:52:196*)  Blessedcause

Atlas Shrugs:

Bosnian Muslims Pile On the Islamic Anti-Semitism: The Balkan Connection of the Ottoman Flotilla

Muslim Group Launches Conversion Campaign In Bosnia

America went to war for the Muslims in Bosnia, took up arms against the Christians, and this is the poisonous fruit of doing the jihad’s bidding. The jihadists have taken over Sarajevo.

Worse still, we are backing a jihadist state in the middle of Europe, an “independent Kosovo.” It’s enough to make you puke.

Wahhabi Group Launches Conversion Campaign In Bosnia Radio Free EuropeArmaros

There’s more, much more….