Birmingham University Offers Soapbox to Azzam Tamimi, Islamic Headbanger Par Excellence

Hamas supporter who condones suicide bombing to speak at Birmingham University

Blowjob Tamimi

A supporter of a banned terrorist group who condones suicide bombing is to speak at Birmingham University this week, raising further fears about the spread of Islamic extremism on campuses.

By Martin Beckford/Telegraph/UK

Azzam Tamimi, a Palestinian academic who is now based in London, is infamous for declaring that sacrificing oneself is a “noble cause”.

He has said that he would blow himself up in a strike against Israel, were he allowed back in the country, and has declared his support for Hamas, which is outlawed in Britain under the Terrorism Act.

He told the BBC in 2004: “You see, sacrificing myself for Palestine is a noble cause. It is the straight way to pleasing my God and I would do it if I had the opportunity.”

Mr Tamimi has been invited to speak at Birmingham University by its Islamic Society, at an event on Wednesday to commemorate the first anniversary of the “Israeli-led carnage” in the “concentration camp that is Gaza”.

His forthcoming appearance has been criticised by the Centre for Social Cohesion, a think tank that highlights Islamic radicalism in Britain.

Its director, Douglas Murray, said: “Birmingham University is clearly in denial. Our letter to them unmistakably demonstrates that Azzam Tamimi has repeatedly supported violent jihadist acts, and their Director of Academic Services has completely refused to acknowledge this.”

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Dhimmitude in Paris, Resistance in England

    Eiffel Tower goes Islamic for Turkey

    From Creeping Sharia: H/T Davey
Update from Tundra Tabloids: Turkish genocide of Armenians to be followed with the Turks cultural genocide of France


Story from Le Café-philo de droite who left a comment here, and in English at Europe News.

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Those who wish to smear the British nationalist movement with claims of anti-semitism check out this picture:

article-1211414-064DD132000005DC-417_636x525The EDL showing full support and solidarity with Israel, we both face the same enemy, it’s time to declare an official bond of fellowship!!

Birmingham on the Boil

There were angry clashes in a city centre yesterday as right-wing protesters fought with Islamic headbangers in a busy shopping street.

A planned demonstration by The English Defence League in central Birmingham descended into violence as the group charged along New Street, close to the city’s main train station.

More than 20 men were arrested. (?)


Clashes: The English Defence League demonstration in Birmingham on Saturday

article-1211414-064D5AD1000005DC-76_634x348Mohammed worshippers in attack mode…

Read the rest from Daily Mail Lots o’pic’s and video!

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Breaking: 'Gas Man' comes to Birmingham

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* No, its not Al Gore…

A MAN has been found tied up in a car with gas canisters strapped to his body, police said today.

A 500-metre police cordon has been put up around the area and nearby factories have been evacuated.

More from The Sun

Update: looks like the matter has been resolved:

A man who was found in a car with his hands bound and surrounded by gas canisters had been kidnapped, police said.

West Midlands Police said the Asian man had been put in the car against his will and told that it contained a bomb.