“I will kill you if you don’t take us to Australia"– is that the kind of cultural enrichment we want?

Andrew Bolt

Watching them towed back, I actually felt relief


I do not criticise the ABC at all for the way it presented a video made by boat people who were towed back to Indonesia by our navy. I am simply surprised that the boat people behind the video thought this was a good way to get public support for their bid to enter Australia illegally:

GEORGE ROBERTS: After Arash Sedigh was refused entry to Australia through the skilled migration program, they came to Indonesia to apply for resettlement as refugees, but gave up waiting and turned to people smugglers.

ARASH SEDIGH: We decided to go there in illegal way, to make them accept us… When Customs come inside our wooden boat, I just ask them, “Please, please help us. Would you please take us in a safe place?” They just shouted on me, “Shut up, shut up, sit down!”

GEORGE ROBERTS: Arash Sedigh became angry after demanding a doctor to treat sick passengers and a pregnant woman.

ARASH SEDIGH:  … I couldn’t tolerate. I told them, “I will kill you if you don’t take us to that ship. I have nothing to lose. I will kill you. Believe me….”

GEORGE ROBERTS: As their boat foundered, the asylum seekers were taken onboard the Australian Customs ship the Triton…

ARASH SEDIGH: They pushed us, they punched us, when we were just asking for our rights. They just told us, “Shut down, shut down – sit down, shut up. Sit down, shut up.” And …

GEORGE ROBERTS: Is that because asylum seekers were protesting or being violent?

ARASH SEDIGH: Yeah, sometimes protesting, sometimes asking for some rights…

GEORGE ROBERTS: Australian Customs had deployed a new weapon in the campaign: a fleet of high-tech orange lifeboats…

ARASH SEDIGH: After that, they took me from the water, they pushed me into the orange boat…

GEORGE ROBERTS: On the morning of 5th February, the Triton towed the orange lifeboat towards Indonesia… As they got closer to Indonesia, the Australians cut them loose… Arash Sedigh provided a running commentary on the journey [on the video].

ARASH SEDIGH (on asylum seeker boat): They put us in this f**king orange boat and sent us back to Indonesia. And the Navy was escorting that ship until today. ... F**k Australia. … I said to them, “You are criminals”. If later on you said why they do that to America on September 11, you should know the cause of it is your very deeds. Remember 9-11 for United States. All the world should know why. Australian Government, Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison, Immigration – all of them are the smugglers.

imageMAN (on asylum seeker boat): F**k Australia!

I understand the extreme disappointment at being turned back, but why the threats of another September 11? If Sedigh and his fellow passengers were allowed here, would they make such threats again if denied anything else, such as a job or welfare or loan?

They sure know how to hate:

Worse even than the French?

Andrew Bolt

Britain’s mighty James Delingpole concludes:

…there’s no lefty quite so despicable as an Aussie lefty.