Bleeding Hearts For the “Rongingya”

Another hired scribbler from al Jizz keeps pushing for the Islamisation of Burma:

Outcast: Adrift with Burma’s Rohingya

Persecuted Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar face a dangerous journey on their way to freedom in Thailand and Malaysia.

The “Rohingya” are an invented people, just like the “Palestinians”. They are Bengali and Bangladeshi Muslim invaders, seeking land rights in Burma. If Burma caves in, they will wage jihad to have their own state. Once they have that, they will import another 50 to 100 million Muslims to wipe out the Buddhists.

Burma: Buddhist Monks Launch Campaign Against ‘Interfaith’ Marriage, Enemedia Goes Apeshit…

Burma Bans Time Magazine Labeling Monk as ‘Face of Terror’ VOA

Burma has banned distribution of a Time Magazine cover story that portrays a fundamentalist Burmese monk as an inciter of terrorism against Muslims.


Buddhist monks have to carry guns for self-defense. Think about that. Don’t buy the Muslim BS of victimhood in Burma. What’s comical is that Buddhism really is a religion of peace. (Pamela Geller)

Leftarded  journaillie at its perfidious best:

“Radical Buddhist Monks” are the problem!

Not a problem with  raping, pilfering mohammedan head choppers. What could be worse than wanting to preserve your own country and civilisation? What could be worse than making it harder for the soldiers of allah to marry your daughters and murdering your sons like they do  everywhere else?

Orwellian logic is  the gospel of the New World Order. Those who are unaware that Muslim men can marry non-muslims, (but not the other way around)  are perplexed about these evil Buddhists and their stubborn behaviour. Why are these ‘bitter clingers’ so eager to hold on their guns and their religion?

“If we are weak, our land will become Muslim,” Wirathu said in a recent sermon in which he also called the March riots a show of strength.

Myanmar’s radical monk targets interfaith marriage

Auskar Surbakti for Newsline

Updated Fri Jul 12, 2013

The Myanmar man dubbed ‘The Face of Buddhist Terror’ by Time magazine wants a law restricting marriages between Buddhists and Muslims.

Radical monk U Wirathu has been leading hundreds of Buddhist monks in protest.

“This law is my dream,” he said.

“I’ve given speeches like this in different places so that we could propose this law.”


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Burmese Buddhists drive out Mohammedan invaders, al Jizz whines

Islamic Bangladesh refuses to take  in what are largely descendants from that land.  The Bangladesh government(s) are complicit in the expulsion of millions of Hindus and have taken over the Buddhist Chittagong Hills,  replacing its  population with Muslim invaders.

So given the expulsion and supplanting of others the country still wont even accomodate its Bengali speaking Rohingyas?

Very similar to the phoney Fakestinians, who are refused refuge by their Arab brothers, and left at the mercy of ‘the international community’, which is clueless and stupid enough to keep throwing billions of dollars at those parasites.

All dressed up with no place to go

Reviled in Myanmar and unwanted in Bangladesh, where does one of the world’s most persecuted minorities really belong?  (al Jizz)

Repeat after me: “the world’s most persecuted minorities”, ad nauseam.

The ‘Rohingya people‘ lie is repeated on end, in the hope that bleeding hearts will believe it and come to the rescue. The ‘Rohingya’ are an invention, just like the ‘Palestinians’, Arab Muslims who terrorise the Jews in their ancestral homeland. Here the  Muslims are infil-traitors, Bengali invaders, but the Buddhists have wizened up to their game plan.

Dig this:

Myanmar does not want them. But neither does neighbouring Bangladesh, the country with the second-largest concentration of the Rohingya.

They are Bangladeshi Muslim. Let their muslim brothers take care of them!

“The Muslims are terrorised!”

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Buddhist Monks Demand Expulsion of Muslims From Burma….

Islam delenda est!

Leave or perish, soldiers of allah!

The Burmese must have learned something from India, where Buddhists were entirely wiped out by Muslim invaders.

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

How bad do you have to be to provoke rage in a Buddhist monk? Pretty bad!

I don’t usually cover events outside of Europe on this blog but I thought this item was worth highlighting given its relevance to our situation. It shows, to anyone who still doubts it, that Islam really is uniquely problematical. Antipathy to Islam is not the expression of some generalised “xenophobia”. Islam is genuinely different. It also shows that more and more people are coming to realise that there really is no solution to the problems Muslims present except confining them to territories of their own and quarantining them from the rest of the human race. In practice, that means expelling Muslims from the non-Muslim territories they’re already in. Whoever has moral inhibitions about this – and that includes quite a few people in the Counterjihad movement – needs to overcome them.

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Rohingyas: The "World’s Responsibility?" Not!

Absolutely Not.

Rohingyas, correctly depicted in this OnIslam propaganda piece as  ‘ Ethnic-Bengali Muslims”, are just that. And as such they must be resettled by either Bangladesh, Pakistan or any of the other 55 muselmanic  dumps in the world. The so-called Rohingyas have no place in Burma.

Murdering & looting ‘Rohingya’ thugs

Buddhists are such bad people for not wanting to surrender their country  to fast breeding genocidal rapists and looters.  Ban Ki Moonbat & his gang of UN crooks will be busy for some time to come.

According to reports, the Muslim minority in Myanmar is suffering from collective punishment perpetrated by the Buddhist majority for no reason. Racist massacres occurred on a large scale against Rohingyas.

No reason? Really. “Racist massacres?”- well, not yet. What we’re seen so far is just the tiniest bit of the dreaded ‘backlash’ that westerners never seem to get around to. But if it did happen I cannot think of anyone more deserving.

Here, in this article, also from IslamOnline, we get a little more truth:

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims were forced to flee their homes in June after ethnic violence rocked the western state of Rakhine after the killing of ten Muslims in an attack by Buddhist vigilantes on their bus.

The attack came following the rape and killing of a Buddhist woman, for which three Rohingyas were sentenced to death.

At least 77 people were killed in the violence and thousands of homes were burnt and hundreds of thousands of people were displaced.

Note the “Dubai” t-shirt, which shows that these ‘poor, oppressed Rohingya’s” are connected, indoctrinated and financed by the usual suspects. The imam with the henna dyed beard is of course totally brainwashed with emulating Muhammad, profit of Islam.