The Sunni Shiite Divide: the Crimes of the Shia Rafidha

Condoleezza Rice said it in January 2007:

“There’s still a tendency to see these things in Sunni-Shia terms. But the Middle East is going to have to overcome that.”

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, But Even As Time Goes By, Shiites Are Never Going To Be Accepted As Full-Fledged Muslims By Sunnis

“Shia and Sunni are brothers; those dividing them are traitors,” the crowd of Shiite worshippers chanted. [they do this, of course, because they are afraid of the Sunnis and want to proclaim a Muslim unity that does not exist]– Hugh Fitzgerald

Shia In Turkey Worried About “Terrifying Campaign” Against Them By Sunnis

“Turkey’s attitude is radicalizing not only surrounding countries, but also people within this country.”

Iranian Sunni Cleric, In Exile, On Those Lying Dangerous Rafidites In Iran

Sunni-Shi’ite scuffle in Egypt: Four arrested after shoe thrown at Ahmadinejad

CAIRO (Reuters) – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was both kissed and scolded on Tuesday when he began the first visit to Egypt by an Iranian president since Tehran’s 1979 Islamic revolution.

“The men, including a Syrian, belong to the ultra-conservative Sunni Salafist movement.” As I was saying. “4 arrested in Egypt after shoe thrown at Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” by Ayman Mohyeldin for NBC News, February 6:

CAIRO — Egypt’s security arrested four men who were protesting outside a Cairo mosque, where the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was praying. (JW)

Robert Spencer: Israel and the Ever-Elusive Muslim Unity

In FrontPage today I discuss how Ahmadinejad’s visit to Egypt shows again why the Muslim world will never be united — except in hatred of Israel.

the first visit to Egypt by a President of Iran since the founding of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Egypt Tuesday to an enthusiastic welcome from Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi and top Egyptian officials. Yet underneath the kisses and expressions of mutual regard, the visit revealed yet again how deep the divisions are in the Islamic world – and why Sunnis and Shi’ites may only be able to unite on the basis of their mutual hatred of Israel.


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Nucking Futz: “our critical interest is that we pay the jiziya”– Kerry

John Kerry calls Morsi’s Qur’anic references to Jews as apes and pigs “reprehensible...but…”  —but he said despite Morsi’s words, Kerry said the U.S. has a “critical interest” in Egypt — hence following through on the aid package.

Egypt: Demonstrators set fire to Muslim Brotherhood’s political party offices

The opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are not going quietly. “Office of Egypt’s Brotherhood torched in Ismailia,” from Reuters, January 25 via JW.

Violent clashes & riots for 2nd anniversary of “Arab Spring”

From the anti-Muslim Brotherhood, anti-Morsi demonstrations in Tahrir Square today.

I’m sorry. Egyptians are just nuts.  (EoZ)

Even the opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood are crazy anti-semites.In 2011, a major library/document archive in Cairo was burned down during the protests. The Institut d’Egypte was founded by Napoleon in 1789.Now, one of the opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood is claiming that the MB as behind the fire.

The reason?

Because the Muslim Brotherhood loves the Jews!

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MSM gives Morsi a free pass for calling Jews “apes and pigs”

No problemo:  Egypts Muslim Brotherhood top dog Muhammad Morsi is ‘Obama’s man in Cairo’.  Just making sure that “the future must not belong to those who slander the profit of Islam”, right? What could go wrong?

MSM gives Morsi a free pass for calling Jews “apes and pigs”

A must read from Richard Behar at Forbes thanks to the Elder of Ziyon:

Last Friday, the sitting president of Egypt – the world’s 15th most populous nation — was exposed for calling Jews “apes and pigs.” And he did it in a TV interview (in Arabic) in 2010, less than two years before he took office.

Needless to say, this was HUGE NEWS for American mass media! Only it wasn’t. (Knock, knock, New York Times? Anybody home?) In fact, to be fair to the paper of record, not a single major outlet has covered it. Not AP or Reuters. Not CBS News or CNN. Not Time magazine or U.S. News & World Report. Not the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal. Etcetera. And therein lies a story – a big story that this column can only begin to skin open here.

Mohamed Morsi’s bizarre Apes-and-Pigs rant hit the Jerusalem Post’s homepage that same day (again, last Friday), as its lead story. Specifically, a prestigious U.S. organization named the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) — chaired by Oliver “Buck” Revell, a former deputy head of the FBI in charge of counter-terrorism – released it widely to the global media and posted it on YouTube.

I studied the Pigs-and-Apes story’s journey and trajectory through America over the past week with Sue Radlauer, the Director of Research Services here at Forbes. We gave it seven days to see if any of the so-called “mainstream media” — a pejorative phrase that too-often obscures more than it reveals — bestowed the hate speech even a few sentences of back-page ink. Nothing.

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Egypt: no security under Islam

A re-Islamized Egypt means less no respect for infidel tourists or tour guides

‘Not a Joke’: Tour Guides Protest Growing Lack of Security in Egypt

“There is no security. This is not a joke,” said Dina Yacoub, a 29-year-old guide who said she was punched in the face three times last month when an angry citizen tried to cut in line for a small train at the Cairo citadel and she protested.

She added: “We are asking tourists to come back … how would they unless there is security?”

Egyptian tour guides wave their national flag as they call on tourists to return to the country following the fall of Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

“A tour guide apparently objected to a vendor harassing one of his tourists, and was hit over the head with a miniature statue.”–Read More »

The Jews, the Jews!

Egyptian newspaper: How Jews control the world

Just a day after this:

Islamic antisemitism combined with conspiracy paranoia and projection about aspirations to world hegemony — in yet another indication of Egypt’s rush to discard the Camp David Accords and go to war with Israel. “Egyptian newspaper: How Jews control the world,” from Elder of Ziyon, September 9– Read it all.

The Collective Punishment of Egypt’s Copts (Coptic Solidarity) thanks to TROP

“Collectively punishing dhimmis – the barely tolerated non-Muslim infidels indigenous to the lands conquered by Islam – for the crimes of the individual is standard under Islam”

Collective punishment:

“The fact that one individual (or one group) among them has broken the statute is enough to invalidate it for all of them.”

This rule is being enforced in Europe too, though in a more roundabout way: Fearful of the collective punishment of terrorism for offences against Islam (e.g. cartoons, mockery of Muhammad etc), the leaders of the semi-dhimmified people of Europe now start to criminalise offences against Islam. The hope is to prevent offence to the Muslims and therefore prevent collective punishment. As the demographic balance swings in favour of the Muslims, the self-enforcement of dhimmi behaviour is likely to intensify as the Muslims of Europe are able to act with the same impunity as the Muslims of Egypt.–The Collective Punishment of Egypt’s Christian Copts »    by 


They are 'Zionist Sex Slaves'

Islamic Sex-Slave Marriages Blamed on “International Zionism”

Posted by Raymond

The seriousness of recent calls to legalize sex slave “marriages” in Egypt as a way to allow Muslim men to have premarital sex within the bounds of Sharia was recently demonstrated by the fact that many Islamic authorities—including Egypt’s Grand Muftiand the Grand Imam of Al Azhar—made it a point to condemn the practice as contrary to Islam.


While it is refreshing to see Islamic leaders reject this perverse call, it is typical to see others portraying it as a foreign conspiracy. For instance, after rejecting the notion of sex-slave marriages, Dr Muhammaad al-Mukhtar al-Mahdi, a professor of Islamic studies at Al Azhar, said “the crime is not that someone suggested it, but that someone made it easy for him to say and spread such things among the people,” adding that “this is a matter that international Zionism stands behind.”

In other words, Wael al-Ibrashi, the Egyptian liberal talk show host who first aired this matter, followed of course by the default bad guys, “international Zionism,” are the true “criminals”—not the self-proclaimed “expert” at Islamic jurisprudence who studied at Al Azhar and came up with this idea of sex-slave marriages in the first place (click here for original story).

Egypt Presidential Candidate: If We Prevented Ships from Passing through the Gulf of Aqaba, "the Jews Would Suffocate and Die"

Hazem Sallah Abu Ismail envies North Korea for its nukes. Can you imagine what  imbeciles  like him would do with  nukes?

And yet, the U.S. gives these headbangers modern weapons, training, billions of dollars and kowtows to them:

Egyptian Presidential Candidate Hazem Sallah Abu Ismail: If We Prevented Ships from Passing through the Gulf of Aqaba, “the Jews Would Suffocate and Die” 

Following are excerpts from a statement delivered by Egyptian presidential candidate Hazem Sallah Abu Ismail, which was posted on the Internet on November 11, 2011:

MEMRI Transcript here:

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Picture of the Week

 While churches in America “open their doors“ to Muslim worship, churches in the Muslim world are having it done for them.   (Thanks to TROP)


Christian Family Escapes Muslim Slavery After 30 Years…

The father had signed a loan for his daughter’s wedding, paying interest rates up to 50%. Thereafter, 26 family members were enslaved to a Muslim to repay the debt. More cases of marriages and forced conversions of Christian girls.


Terrorism Pays Off for Filipino Islamic Separatists… 

On the condition that they disarm. Complete, verifiable, irreversible disarmament is well nigh impossible; after all, war is deceit.”

KUALA LUMPUR – The Philippines on Monday offered Muslim rebels waging a decades-long insurgency the prospect of autonomy, but warned they must first lay down their arms and a peace pact was likely years away. (won’t happen, you know that)

Sri Lanka:


Gaza Jihadis Fire More Rockets and Mortars Into Israel Despite “Truce”  (Atlas)

(Truce means “wait, we gotta reload… fire!”)

U.S. Pays For Jihad

U.N. schools for Palestinians have employed jihadists for decades, use antisemitic PA textbooks

Your tax dollars at work, in ways you never intended: “The US contributed over half a billion dollars ($560 million) from 2009-2010.”

Just what you needed to hear in the ongoing debt crisis. Arab donors, by comparison, threw in $7 million. “Do UNRWA schools encourage terror against Israel?” by Anav Silverman for the Jerusalem Post, August 22 from JW.



Egyptians Demonstrating opposite Israeli Embassy in Cairo Show Sign with Swastika Saying “The Gas Chambers Are Ready” (Atlas)

 More of the putrid, fetid blossoms of the Obama supported Islamic spring. Of course, we knew this. Atlas called it as soon as the Muslim Brotherhood revolution began to unfold began in January. The Islamic supremacists and their leftwing useful idiots couldn’t wait to oust the first (and only) Muslim country to sign a peace accord with Israel. Mubarak, America’s most reliable Muslim ally for 30 years, was thrown under the bus by the Muslim Brotherhood stooge in the White House. Has the leftwing media who propagandized this horror as all sweetness and light corrected the record? Are they capable of picking up a bucket of water and making even so much as a feeble attempt to help put the fire that they helped start and spread? These moral cowards are incapable of humanity.

 Read more:    “The Gas Chambers Are Ready”

Muslim Neighbors

News of an Islamist massacre of two Christian Coptic families has emerged from Upper Egypt with the return of Internet connections to the country, after a one-week Internet blackout imposed by the troubled regime. The massacre, not the first in Egypt in recent weeks,  took place on Sunday afternoon (January 30) at the village of Sharona near Maghagha, in Minya province, and is being reported by AINA, the Assyrian International News Agency.

Your neighbors, your killers…..

Muslim Neighbors Assisted in Massacre of Coptic Families… (INN via TROP)

The Islamist murderers, aided by Muslim neighbors of the Copts, stormed the homes of the families, gaining access to the houses’ roofs from the roofs of the families’ Muslim neighbors. They killed eleven, including children, and seriously injured four more people.

Anba Agathon, Bishop of Maghagha, told Coptic activist Dr. Mona Roman in a televised interview on Al-Karma TV that the killers are neighbors of the Copts, who “seized the opportunity of the mayhem prevailing in Egypt and the absence of police protection to slaughter the Copts.”


What if the Problem Really is the People? (Sultan Knish)

Since when has a “people’s revolution” in the Muslim world ever resulted in more rights and freedom?

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Egyptian Muslims Celebrate Eid-ul-Adha By Torching Coptic Homes

Imam  Obama sends his regards:

Statement by the President on Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha

Michelle and I extend our greetings for a happy Eid-ul-Adha to Muslims worldwide and wish safe travels to those performing Hajj.  This year, nearly three million pilgrims from more than 160 countries – including the United States – have gathered in Mecca and neighboring sites to perform the Hajj rituals and stand together in prayer.

Tiny minority of excremists doesn’t get the message, shouts “death to America, death to Israel”

Hajj pilgrims chant “Death to America,” “Death to Israel”

Tens of thousands of Muslims chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” at the annual Hajj pilgrimage, which the Ayatollah of Iran called “a symbol of spirituality.”

Egyptian Muslims torched several Coptic homes and businesses this holiday season. (Atlas)

Reportedly, 4000 Muslims attacked Copts in Upper Egypt this week.
Voice of the Copts reported, via Gateway:

Four thousand Muslims are attacking Copts in Upper Egypt, Kina County. In the town of Al- Nawaed, in the center of Abu Teshet.

The attackers surrounded the area, starting fires in Coptic houses while Copts were still inside.
Voice of the Copts will update you with additional details once available.

Once again the religion of peace is showing its real face.

Atlas has more on the attacks.

New Heart-breaking Documentary on Muslim Humiliation of Christian Copts!

Impoverishment is the last step before annihilation:

Interfaith Outreach Program in Egypt Leaves Monks Badly Injured

Priorities: 300 Egyptian security forces storm monastery with tear gas, batons, and stones to seize building materials, seriously injuring monks

Because nothing — nothing! — says “Religion of Peace and Tolerance” quite like beating up on a bunch of monks!

At issue here once again is the provision in Islamic law that forbids dhimmis, or non-Muslims subjugated under Islamic law’s holy protection racket, from repairing their houses of worship or building new ones, as notably described in the Pact of Umar.

Again, apologists have insisted to us and to others that the Pact of Umar is a dead document. Say what they will, pooh-poohing the Pact for Western consumption does nothing to improve the treatment of religious minorities in Muslim lands, where the practices it outlines have a curious habit of persisting.

And we sure didn’t make them up. “Egyptian security forces storm the Monastery of St Macarius, three monks badly injured,” from Asia News, September 15:

About 300 agents take part in the assault, backed by cars and armoured vehicles. Tear gas, batons and stones wee used against the monks. The siege, which began on 7 September, lasted 24 hours. Ownership and new cells for monks are the core of the contentious issue. (Full story below the fold)

Kashmir: Muslims attempt to burn another school over its Christian name

An update on this story. Also in this report is news that a priest who had come under threat earlier because his schools’ performance surpassed Muslim ones is now under police protection. “Kashmir: Muslims try to burn a Christian school” (only in name), by Shefali Prabhu for Asia News, September 15/JW

Egypt: Islamic supremacists fabricate story of forced conversion of Muslim woman to Christianity (JW)

Forced conversions of Christian women and girls to Islam abound in Egypt, and so in a characteristic example of their habit of projection and deflection of responsibility onto their victims, Islamic supremacists fabricated a fish story about a Muslim woman being forced to convert to Christianity. “Egyptian Muslim Radicals Fabricated Story of Priest’s Wife Conversion,” by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA (via JW)

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