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Egypt: Copts Under Siege, Media Reports "Clashes"

The Age/Jailan Zayan

DPA adds this howler to the story: Clashes between Egypt’s Christian and Muslim populations are rare, but tensions do periodically erupt.

Thanks to Dhumme Dhimmi

Coptic Christians have pelted Muslim shops with stones in a southern Egyptian town where Muslim gunmen killed six Copts after a Christmas Eve mass, a security official said.

The town of Nagaa Hammadi has been on edge since Wednesday night’s shooting, the country’s deadliest sectarian attack in years, in which a policeman was also killed.

A security official said police moved in to contain the violence and restore calm on Friday, and witnesses said access roads to Nagaa Hammadi were sealed off.

Residents in the nearby village of Bahgura said Muslims had set fire to Coptic homes and stores, but a police official denied this.

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Police arrest 90 after violent street clashes between Mohammedans and 'English Defence League' protesters in Birmingham

Other News:

UK: Islam friendly judiciary rules against the government:

The Home Secretary has released a man regarded as one of Britain’s most dangerous terror suspects from virtual house arrest to avoid disclosing secret evidence against him, The Times has learnt.

The Times – Frances Gibb

Penniless Muslim asylum-seekers of Britain: “We demand the British Passport”…

Witnesses claimed the EDL marchers, many of whom had been drinking since the morning, ripped up seats on the journey away from the city centre.

Police and the council had taken steps to deal with possible violence, including getting a order from the Home Secretary banning protesters from the Bullring shopping area of the city, which the factions clashed outside last month.

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Counter Jihad News:

Malaysia: Beer-drinking Model will be caned after Ramadan

Cyprus:  Socialist Moonbat Greek Cypriot (Female) Marries Turkish Moslem from the North

Its never the other way around, of course not. If a Greek Cypriot had married a Turkish female the whole ummah would go apeshit. but don’t wait for AP to tell you that…

Uighur Muslim syringe attackers face death penalty

A GROUP of illegal immigrants was found hiding in a tanker full of gluten powder as they tried to smuggle themselves into the UK. Sun

Penniless Muslim asylum-seekers of Britain

Bosnia: While Europe sleeps, Muslims rise

Commie Bastard Michael Moore:

‘Capitalism is an Evil, and You Cannot Regulate Evil’

* Michael Moore represents evil, and why would we want scumbags like him to lord over us…?

Bosnia: Clashes with Wahabis "who have a radical interpretation of Islam"

Student brawls blamed on Bosnian Wahabis

* Albanian Imam claims more of Serbian territory

SERBIANNA            Balkans: Wahabis seen as growing regional threat

* Remember the two Wahabis who tried to “silence” the church bells?

A massive brawl that occurred between Croat and Muslim students in the Bosnian city of Mostar is blamed on Wahabis, suggests the report by the NGO Croatia Libertas.

“It is about groups that have a radical interpretation of Islam and influence the youth. The attacks have spread on all high schools in Mostar,” says Leo Plockinic, representative from Croati Libertas.

Plockinic says that the organized Wahabis are armed with light weapons.

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