Six "pedestrians" injured after being hit by car in Dudley

Birmingham Mail

Six “pedestrians” were injured, three of them seriously, when they were struck by a car in Dudley.

Well, they were not simply “pedestrians”, these were good English people who came out in droves to stop the Islamization of Britain and to protest a mega mosque in Dudley.

This vid is not from today, but from the previous protest:

Paramedics were called to the junction of King Street and Stafford Street, Dudley just after 4pm today.  Three men, aged 42, 37 and 32 suffered head injuries. The 37-year-old also broke his leg.

Three others, including a girl aged 16 whose leg was broken, also needed hospital treatment.

An 18-year-old man suffered a foot injury and a 19-year-old man has a suspected broken leg, the West Midlands Ambulance Service said.

Anjem Choudary Addresses The English Defence League – Harrow Luton Birmingham

In other news:

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (ECHR) has a staff of over 500 and its Lenin-worshipping immigrant-origin boss spent £40,000 of taxpayers’ money to ferry him seven miles a day to his office, a financial review of that organisation has revealed. Read more

Pig's head on the wall of Dudley central mosque fails to please Moslems

From the Guardian (of Muslims)

EDL protestor found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment

An EDF protester, Kevin Smith, has been given a suspended eight-week prison sentence for putting a pig’s head on the wall of Dudley central mosque in the Castle Hill area of the town on 29 May.

Fibbi Hooper from CAIR will use this “hate crime” for the rest of his life to blame “right wing extremist bigot Islamophobes”…….

Dudley council criticises far-right group for going ahead with protest at abandoned development:

The English Defence League’s summer of protests to target Muslim communities is to continue with a demonstration against a “super mosque”, even though the development is no longer going ahead.

The far-right group will return to Dudley next Saturday to demonstrate against the abandoned mosque and community centre project. The council has branded the protest “pointless” and a “waste of taxpayers’ money” as police will be required to ensure safety. More>>>

The EDL Ummah Returns to Dudley

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Jitters in Dudley

Councillors call on EDL to scrap planned protest

Dudley News

COUNCILLORS are calling on the English Defence League (EDL) to scrap a planned protest in Dudley town centre.   The proposed demonstration is set for Saturday July 17 and the authority has no powers in law to ban the event which it branded “a pointless waste of taxpayers’ money”.

Strange that demonstrations against Islamization are depicted as “a pointless waste of taxpayers’ money,” when billions of taxpayer dollars are squandered on Muslim ‘outreach’ programs, polygamous welfare scroungers, failed integration programs, prisons that are controlled by Muslim gangs, toilets that point to Mecca…..

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Moronic Muslima Quote of the Day

Salma Yaqoob sees “double standards, racism, rampaging thugs & racist violence”- but only when it comes to the EDL

Needless to mention that she is blind, dumb and deaf when it comes to Mohammedan terror,  crime and atrocities…

She also calls for Peace, justice & equality (but not for kaffirs) Signs like the one above she finds very objectionable.

Here’s a Dudley update:

The Multiracial English Defence League Bring Their Message Of National Unity And Opposition To Sharia To Dudley

Muslim revert in Spain:

Islam  emancipates more than Catholicism:

“The problem with prejudice & stereotyping Islam merely stems from the fact, that Europeans haven’t learned to this very day to “accept Islam as their identity”-

PI has more, in German