Moronic Muslima Quote of the Day

Salma Yaqoob sees “double standards, racism, rampaging thugs & racist violence”- but only when it comes to the EDL

Needless to mention that she is blind, dumb and deaf when it comes to Mohammedan terror,  crime and atrocities…

She also calls for Peace, justice & equality (but not for kaffirs) Signs like the one above she finds very objectionable.

Here’s a Dudley update:

The Multiracial English Defence League Bring Their Message Of National Unity And Opposition To Sharia To Dudley

Muslim revert in Spain:

Islam  emancipates more than Catholicism:

“The problem with prejudice & stereotyping Islam merely stems from the fact, that Europeans haven’t learned to this very day to “accept Islam as their identity”-

PI has more, in German

10 thoughts on “Moronic Muslima Quote of the Day”

  1. Hang on, wasn’t Salma Yaqoob the woman who was heard screaming and shouting encouragement to riot into a megaphone immediately before a massive muslim mob went rampaging around London?

  2. @ Dhumme

    I’ve just tried to find the video of it on youtube, but it appears to have been removed. It was from last years muslim rampage in London, in which the police were attacked but no action was taken.

    Maybe another reader could shed some light on this for us, i’m sure I had it bookmarked, but can’t find it now!

  3. * It was from last years muslim rampage in London

    Davey C, was that the one where the muslims advanced on the Police, shouting “run you dogs!”, “run you kaffirs!” or similar?

    Is this the one you are looking for?

  4. @ Mullah –

    Yep thats the riot that I was thinking of, but there was another video floating around of this nasty woman provoking the crowd into rioting. It was at this event, but a much earlier point in the day!

  5. Not so silly DC, it gets hard to keep up – it was the “run you dogs” riot that was in my memory – over a year ago already, & I’ve forgotten what I did yesterday 🙂

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