EUrabia: Asylum Seekers, Economic Migrants or Musulmanic Invaders? They Just Keep Coming…


Burden should be shared, minister tells EU conference










*  But they’re not asylum seekers. If they are not Musulmanic invaders, they are economic refugees. And Europe has no obligation whatsoever to take them in…

(ANSA) – Paris, September 8 – Italy should not bear the brunt of supporting Europe’s asylum seekers, Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said on Monday.

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(by Paola Del Vecchio) (ANSAmed) – MADRID, SEPTEMBER 8 – The waves of illegal immigrants arriving in Spain have not stopped, with new landings on the Canary Islands, and the number of the voyages of hope continues to grow, while a report of the National Statistics Institute (INE) reveals that almost a million immigrants arrived in Spain in 2007, of whom just a scarce 1% aboard barges or via sea. A total of over 260 migrants landed on the Canary Islands during the weekend…


UK: All-party call for 20,000-a-year cap on migrants arriving in UK

By James Slack and Ian Drury Mail Online

An unprecedented coalition of public figures will today call for a limit on migrant numbers settling in the UK.  The group of MPs and peers, including a former Archbishop of Canterbury, want a policy of ‘balanced migration’.  Only around 20,000 non-EU economic migrants would be allowed to stay permanently each year. The rest would have to go home after four years.

Immigrants queuing in Calais

Immigrants queuing in Calais. An all-party group is calling for an annual limit of 20,000

The campaigners, led by former Labour Minister Frank Field, say their system would produce a UK population of around 65million by 2050 – compared to projections of 78.6million under Government policies.

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* Update: Italy: Scores more illegal immigrants arrive on Lampedusa

It isn’t racist to want a cap on immigration

Our balanced migration policy is not ‘chuck ’em out’. It is essential for British society

The Church’s response to immigration in recent years has drawn heavily upon the call to welcome and treat the stranger as if you have Christ in your midst. This is absolutely right, yet we also have to question whether the unprecedented levels of immigration that we are now seeing can truly contribute to the “common good” – another theme the churches have emphasised in their teaching on social justice.


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