Europe's Muslim Lobby

“Europe’s Muslim lobby is becoming increasingly assertive and skilled at pressuring European policy-makers into implementing countless pro-Islamic policies.”

Soeren Kern, Hudson New York

Europeans often fantasize about America’s so-called Jewish lobby, which they claim has a chokehold over American finance, media and politics and is responsible for all manner of conspiratorial evil. But few Europeans like to talk about the growing influence of Europe’s Muslim lobby, a conglomeration of hundreds of Muslim political and religious organizations — many of which are media-savvy mouthpieces for militant Islam that openly pursue anti-European, anti-Western and anti-Semitic agendas and often receive financial support from Islamic fundamentalist countries like Saudi Arabia.

In a Europe where Islam is the fastest-growing religion, and where the number of Muslims has tripled over the past 30 years, Europe’s Muslim lobby is becoming increasingly assertive and skilled at pressuring European policy-makers into implementing countless pro-Islamic policies, especially ones that institutionalize Islamic Sharia law. Muslim lobby groups are, in fact, transforming European society in ways unimaginable only a few years ago; critics say their ultimate goal is nothing less than the Islamification of Europe.

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Muslim cleric misunderstands his religion, wants to conquer Italy, Europe, America

Egyptian Cleric Salem Abu Al-Futuh: We Will Conquer Italy and the Rest of Europe, as Well as North and South America; The West Will Convert to Islam


The world belongs to Allah! Move over, filthy  kaffirs, submit or pay the jiziya……….

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian cleric Salem Abu Al-Futuh, which aired on Al-Nas TV on August 18, 2010:

Salem Abu Al-Futuh: The nation of Islam will return – despite our current crisis and despite the arrogance of the West. The West is bound to be destroyed. Just like Allah destroyed the Byzantine and Persian empires, He will destroy the West at the hands of the Muslims. This is an unequivocal promise. These countries will convert to Islam. Islam will reach these countries.


Let us examine the divine sequence: First, the Caliphate will return. Then, the Muslims will live in tremendous prosperity. The economy of the Muslims will be the strongest of all. You are probably thinking that I’m not well today if I say such things. By God, there’s nothing wrong with me. I am speaking words of truth.


Great conquests will ensue. We will conquer Italy.


By Allah, we will conquer Italy. By Allah, we will conquer Italy and move into [the rest] of Europe. Islam will enter that entire region. Even America, you ask? Yes, even America. North or south America? Both North and South America. We will enter all these countries, and people there will be joining Islam in droves.

Its the demography, stupid!

Emigration Up, Birth Rate Down

Graying Germany Contemplates Demographic Time Bomb

No, there is nothing in the Koran that obliges the fast breeding soldiers of Allah to pay the pensions of aging EUro-dhimmies…..

Germany is already facing a demographic nightmare as birth rates fall despite a slew of family-friendly policies. Now, new statistics show that more people are leaving the country than immigrating — adding to concerns about the country’s shrinking population. more from SPIEGEL…

We’re too broke to be this stupid


Beleaguered taxpayers may finally put a stop to the sheer waste of government spending

Back in 2008, when I was fulminating against multiculturalism on a more or less weekly basis, a reader wrote to advise me to lighten up, on the grounds that “we’re rich enough to afford to be stupid.”

Two years later, we’re a lot less rich. In fact, many Western nations are, in any objective sense, insolvent. Hence last week’s column, on the EU’s decision to toss a trillion dollars into the great sucking maw of Greece’s public-sector kleptocracy. It no longer matters whether you’re intellectually in favour of European-style social democracy: simply as a practical matter, it’s unaffordable.  Mark Steyn has more>>

“Is Europe Turning Japanese?”

You Should Be So Lucky   [Mark Steyn]

I found this an arresting headline – “Is Europe Turning Japanese?” – but a goofy opening paragraph:

The dismal growth prospects of many European countries has raised an increasing number of questions about whether large parts of the continent will emulate Japan of the 1990s and endure a decade-long economic stagnation. On the face of it, a long-lasting Japan-style post-bubble slump with deflation seems a plausible outcome for a large part of the continent.

For a start, Europe’s would be a no-bubble slump – and, as for “decade-long economic stagnation”, you should be so lucky. Japan isn’t in a “slump”, it’s in long-term decline. In my book, I recalled the days of hysteria about how “the yellow peril was annexing America and pretty soon they’d be speaking Japanese down at the shopping mall”:

It didn’t happen and it’s never going to happen. In the Nineties, I tended to accept the experts’ line that Japan’s rising sun had gone into eclipse because its economywas riddled with protectionism, cronyism and inefficient special-interest groups. But so what? You could have said the same in the Sixties and Seventies, when the joint was jumping. The only real structural difference between Japan then and Japan now is that the yellow peril got a lot wrinklier. What happened in the 1990s was what Yamada Masahiro of Tokyo’s Gakugei University calls the first “low birth-rate recession”. It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s the stupidity, economists – the stupidity of thinking you can ignore demography.

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The Suppression of Free Speech in Europe

Europe’s War on Free Speech

Its not only Europe that is pandering to the OIC: the Obama czars are working overtime to re-introduce the “fairness doctrine” and there is a whole lot of new “hate-speech” laws about to be introduced that would criminalize criticism of Islam. In case you don’t know it yet, the Obama-bastards are also out to get control over the internet, the last bastion of free speech: Obama Plans Internet Grab: FCC to Embrace ‘Net Neutrality’

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Below is a report by Dale Hurd of CBN News about the suppression of free speech in Europe. Thanks to the Islamization of Europe and the influence of the OIC, “defamation of religion” laws work in one direction only: in favor of Muslims and against everyone else.

Lars Hedegaard of the International Free Press Society and Geert Wilders — two people who are already well-known to Gates of Vienna readers — are prominently featured in this video:


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'Muslim immigration: the most radical change in European history'

Note to readers:

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‘Muslim immigration: the most radical change in European history’

“Christopher Caldwell is a mild-mannered Financial Times journalist who over the past decade has covered continental Europe (France especially) and its relationship with Islam in particular.

“That Caldwell is so mainstream, well-respected and analytical makes his conclusion all the more devastating – that the mass migration of Africans and Asians into Europe since the Second World War was an unprecedented, economically unnecessary and ill-thought-out plan that has had a profoundly negative impact on our way of life. Furthermore, he says, the mass importation of Muslims at a time when Europe has lost its own faith and Islam has developed a dangerous and powerful radicalism threatens the very freedom of Europe.

“… self-loathing was at the heart of the immigration experiment and later experiments in multiculturalism and political correctness; only a society so racked with self-hatred would have invited foreign labour in such numbers despite the economic benefits being so thin….

“Can Europe be the same? Clearly not. Can we reach some happy compromise that peacefully integrates such large communities and avoids the conflicts that have plagued such multi-cultural countries in the past? Probably not.

“Pim Fortuyn in Holland offered the best hope of a non-racist [sic!], liberal Europe that believed in itself; after his murder the future lies either with Nicolas Sarkozy, who believes in republican integration, or the likes of Geert Wilders, whose implacable hostility to Islam is increasingly shared across Europe.

“This is a fascinating, earth-shattering account of the most radical change in European history.”

Yet another adulatory review of Caldwell’s paranoid anti-Muslim tract, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe, this one by Torygraph blogger Ed West in the Catholic Herald, 21 August 2009From the Bunglawussi blog…

Obama Gov’t Supports Islamic Terrorism:

DOJ reveals that Bush/CIA interrogators threatened KSM’s children; Holder to appoint special prosecutor

The Obama- bastards are on the side of our enemies…

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US gives more cash to Hamas

What’s that? It isn’t going to Hamas? See here and here.

Suicidal Short-Sightedness Update: “UNRWA assistance to Palestinian refugees from Iraq,” from ReliefWeb, August 23:

Official PA news agency: a Jewish state threatens all humanity

But all those Arab states full of jihadists? No problem!

“Humanity” for Arab-Muslims of course means Muslims only. Infidels or Jews need not apply…

They Sincerely Want Peace Update: “A Jewish state threatens all humanity: Official PA news agency,” by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook for Palestinian Media Watch, August 10

Sweden: Large Muslim population intimidates local Jews

“Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews…” — Qur’an 5:82

Aftonbladet Blood Libel Update. “Stockholm’s rabbi: Large Muslim population intimidates local Jews,” by Matthew Wagner for the Jerusalem Post, August 24

“The release of the Abdel Basset al-Megrahi indicates to the jihadist world that their scorn for our lifestyle, for our Western values and freedoms is justifiable”

Why this was a bad idea. “Failing to learn the Lockerbie lesson,” by Laura Rosen Cohen in the National Post, August 24 (thanks to Kathy Shaidle):

[…] The release of the Abdel Basset al-Megrahi indicates to the jihadist world that their scorn for our lifestyle, for our Western values and freedoms is justifiable. Their insistence that our societies are decadent, morally inverted places are perhaps not without merit. If we do not punish the murderers of our own precious children, families and friends, if we do not extinguish the lives of the terrorists, or even incarcerate them, why should they think otherwise? Moreover, if we as a society, voluntarily send these messages of impotence and self-defeat to our enemies, why on earth do we deserve any of our remaining freedoms?

What case can be made for a society that annuls the value of its own citizens’ life and enables their murderers to live freely?

Let the Scottish example be a lesson to us all: the barbarians are at the gate. Instead of reinforcing the walls, we’ve just given them an extra set of keys and told them to make themselves at home. Inevitably, they will.

Over my dead body. Which is just the way they want it, of course!

Europe’s Helping Hand To Female Genital Mutilation


Video on FGM in Islamic communities

Posted on September 18, 2011 by Eeyore/Vlad Tepes

This is good but brace yourselves. I like how black women activists, what we used to call ‘feminists’, meaning they fought for rational rights for women, like the right not to have all your sexual equipment removed for example, are being told that banning this practice is ‘neocolonialist’ and they have to fight the moronic left who pretend to be on the side of the oppressed by not stopping them from being mutilated in the genitals.

Kafka, did you ever think things could go this far?

By: Jamie Glazov /

How European governmental and non-governmental development-policy bolsters a horrific crime against hundreds of thousands of girls.

Update: A 19-year-old girl in Gothenburg has been awarded compensation after having been subjected to genital mutilation in Somalia as an 11-year-old.


Warning: graphic image(s)

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Euro-Rabbis had enough: No more "Interfaith"- BS!


European rabbis to boycott EU interfaith conference over Muslim Brotherhood connections of participating groups

  • Bad Dhimmies: Tariq Ramadan is not pleased!

Indeed, the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission in the West — “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions” — isn’t the kind of “interfaith” activity anyone should be encouraging. Especially not the EU.

“‘EU Muslim groups linked to Islamists’,” by Haviv Rettig Gur for the Jerusalem Post, via JW

Europe’s umbrella Orthodox rabbinic organization boycotted a Brussels interfaith conference hosted on Monday by EU institutions, in protest of the inclusion of groups they say are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“We do not consider it appropriate that organizations such as the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe, or individuals who in the past made, or endorsed, anti-Semitic statements and who are clearly linked to the radical Islamist movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood should be present at such gatherings,” said Rabbi Aba Dunner, executive director of the Conference of European Rabbis.

European Jewish leaders accuse some Muslim groups of exaggerated criticism of Israel that descended into anti-Semitic rhetoric in rallies throughout the continent during January’s Operation Cast Lead. The decision marks the first time Jewish representatives have boycotted the annual event.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Lily-livered Europe has surrendered to Muslim bigots

Watching a civilization in decline

In this superb piece, freedom fighter Ayaan Hirsi Ali chronicles Europe’s confusion, demoralization and Islamization. “It’s time lily-livered Europe stood up to Muslim bigots,” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali in The First Post, May 5 (thanks to JW):

In 2006, I had a debate with Tariq Ramadan, the author of Western Muslims and the future of Islam. In the hypothetical event of a war between Egypt and Switzerland, for which community would he be prepared to die, I asked him.Mr Ramadan has dual citizenship. He’s an Egyptian by birth and a Swiss by naturalisation. His response was one of rage on different levels. Above all I think he was outraged that one should ask such a question. He refused to answer.

Mr Ramadan, like many other Muslims, may have two or more citizenships. From all that he expresses both in person and on paper, it is clear that his loyalty, above all, is to Islam. I do not doubt that he would die for Islam, like most Muslims, and that’s his prerogative. But what European countries have done is give citizenship to individuals who feel no obligation to share in their societies for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer and in the event of a catastrophe, sacrifice themselves.

No debate is more explosive than the debate on the future of Islam in Europe

In this way, they evade one of the chief criteria of citizenship. Political allegiance to the constitution of your country is the minimum requirement. It is this state of affairs that makes Christopher Caldwell’s bookReflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration and the West (Allen Lane, £17.99), which opens with the sentence, “Western Europe became a multi-ethnic society in a fit of absence of mind,” a chilling read.

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To What We Owe The Moslems


* Obambi parrots George Bush’s nonsense about the “Religion of Peace” writes Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.with Michael Travis @ Shawarma Mayor

Turkish President Gul


“We will convey,” Barack Obama told the Turkish Parliament Monday, “our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world – – including my own country.” He assured the Turkish leaders (who have become increasingly radicalized under President Abdullah Gul) that America “is not and never will be at war with Islam.” And he went on to say that “the United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans,” including his ancestors.

By making these remarks, Mr. Obama (who made a point of being introduced to the Turkish Nation as “Barack Hussein Obama”) is treading in the hobbled footprints of his foolhardy predecessor.

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Religion of Terror Rocks Afghanistan (again)

Bomber in police uniform kills 21 Afghan policemen

* Another misunderstander of Islam got his religion all wrong…

By NOOR KHAN, Associated Press


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – A suicide bomber in a police uniform detonated his explosives inside a police training center in southern Afghanistan on Monday, killing 21 officers and wounding at least 20, officials said. The Taliban claimed responsibility.  More

Afghanistan: Taliban Execute English Teacher

In Afghanistan’s central province of Daikundi, the Taliban militants in Afghanistan have killed an English teacher and hanged his body from a tree. A letter was stuffed into his mouth saying that anyone working for Englishmen would meet the same fate.  MEMRI

* Drums offend Muslims also. Find out why…

The Jihad Killers of Mumbai 

The killers, who carried out the Mumbai massacre, were not perverted murderers but normal Muslim men following EXACTLY the teachings of Islam and examples set by Prophet Muhammad. What these Muslims did in Mumbai was not “evil” but “holy acts” sanctioned by Allah to be rewarded by accession to a Paradise filled with sensuous virgins. More

* Pakistan keeps lying about Mumbai attacks: “Mumbai attacks not planned on our soil”

*  Fatah terrorists released a list of 181 Pals murdered or maimed by the competing  terrorist group Hamas.

“The horrific torture of hundreds of people by Palestinian security forces in the West Bank is being funded by British taxpayers”

Absurd Britannia Alert: “Financed by the British taxpayer, brutal torturers of the West Bank,” by David Rose for the Daily Mail, January 31 

        World’s Most Useless Watchdog Watch:


Mohammed & his Muslim brothers:

In an interview with the Washington Post, the leader of the UN’s blind, toothless International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei (on whose watch Iran’s nuclear weapons program has been able to advance almost unhindered), compares Iran to Japan and asks, “Why isn’t the world worried about Japan?

Scumbag Mohammed El Baradei sez he doesn’t want to ‘take sides’- but he already did. Hint: its not our side.

Car swarm in Rafah

 There’s a car swarm watch in Rafah. From Carl

Pakistan says Mumbai jihad attacks planned in Europe

True? Possibly. Or more “war is deceit” action from our two-faced friend and ally, Pakistan. “‘Mumbai attacks planned in Europe,'” from PressTV, February 2 (thanks to JW):

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