Soup Wars: Muslim Brotherhood Front CAIR Blames Pamela Geller For Boycott of Halal Soup

Hamas-linked CAIR Blames Geller for Shining Light on Hamas-linked ISNA

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You must watch this video entitled, “Bloggers are urging a Campbell Soup boycott over the company’s “halal” soup offerings in Canada. Amina Rubin, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Sallie James, of the Cato Institute, share their reactions.”

It’s a mainstream media knee slapper (or head slapper).The more we catch them the media fabricating and manufacturing a news narrative,  the more derelict and reckless they become.

The entire piece is about me, a “Conservative blogger” who remains nameless until the hydra headed, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood CAIR conspirator Amina Rubin, names “Pamela Geller and her group” as responsible for the bias boycott– So,if this is all about my action, why not have me on to explain my position and the the ISNA links to Hamas? The presentation of the entire action was fabricated out of whole cloth.

Why won’t the media do it’s job? Investigate ISNA. Instead they accept, at face value, the CAIR representative’s completely dishonest answer to the question,

CNBC: ” Is there anything to the allegation that the organization has terrorist links?’

CAIR: “There is absolutely no truth to that. This really isn’t about the organization certifying it  . It’s about the conservative blogger who is against this trying to find any excuse to stop anything Muslim in this country.

The anchor accepts that by another Muslim Brotherhood, Hams link front. You can’t make this stuff up. Did anyone look at the evidence that resulted in a 108 count indictment?

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The halal racket is not a real racket unless its totally controlled by the soldiers of Allah

Not  halal: Hot Dog  pic thanks to Tim Blair

…a sinister midget, with a bucket and a mop, where the blood goes down the drain:

What exactly is ‘halal’?

According to, one condition is (all emphasis mine):

i) A person, a man or a woman, who slaughters an animal must be a Muslim. An animal can also be slaughtered by a Muslim child who is mature enough to distinguish between good and bad, but not by non-Muslims other than Ahle Kitab, or a person belonging to those sects who are classified as Kafir, like, Nawasib – the enemies of Ahlul Bait (A.S.). In fact, even if Ahle Kitab non-Muslim slaughters an animal, as per precaution, it will not be halal, even if he utters ‘Bismillah’.

So, whenever you see public school system, prisons or other government operated facilities that have changed to a halal menu only to accommodate muslims, keep in mind the government is contracting with slaughterhouses that discriminate against non-muslims.

Colonel Sanders Nightmare

Paris burger joint sells halal burgers, Muslims outraged

No compromise. No mutual respect. No mutual understanding. No generous response to a generous overture. Just, as always, demands for unilateral and unreciprocated accommodation. “Paris mosque slams burger chain’s Muslim outreach,” from TheAssociated Press, September 2 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Note to big companies hoping to tap into France’s lucrative but long-neglected Muslim consumer market: Pitfalls may await, and not only in the form of complaints from the far-right.As of this week, 22 outlets of popular French fast food chain Quick are serving burgers it says respect Islamic dietary law. And while many Muslims are delighted, the powerful main Paris Mosque complained Thursday that Quick’s criteria aren’t all-encompassing enough, and that the operation is meaningless.

Quick’s meat is certified as halal, but Cheikh Al Sid Cheikh, assistant to the rector of the Paris Mosque, said the burger chain should have had the other ingredients checked as well, from its mustard to buns to fries.

“The rest must be validated too, or else there’s no point,” he told The Associated Press. Quick responded that it has no intention of making any of its restaurants halal through-and-through _ beer is still served there, for example, said spokeswoman Valerie Raynal….

Fateh Kimouche, founder of the French Muslim consumer Web site Al-Kanz, says most of the 40 to 50 outlets in France that provide halal certification aren’t rigorous enough and don’t have their own inspectors to verify that Islamic law is being respected.

He says the situation is scandalous, calling it “halal-gate.”

“Up to 90 percent of meat marked ‘halal’ isn’t really, and there are big names in French industry that are up to their necks in the problem,” he said…..

That’s a good way to get those necks struck (cf. Qur’an 47:4)

NZ: Ex-slaughterman's action threatens meat industry

Creeping Sharia: Halal butcher wants to see more blood!

Looks like blackmail, and  Ahmed might just about succeed in scaring the kuffars into submission. Halal slaughter stipulates an animal must be killed by one fast cut to the neck so the animal bleeds to death. It must face Mecca, and the slaughterman must evoke the name of God by saying “Bismallah Allahu Akbar”.  If its not done ‘correctly’ that means NZ could lose a great deal of its meat exports. What does it take to pacify a militant Muslim?

* Newsflash: Pakistan raids one terrorist camp to keep up appearances….


“Not enough blood” `Troublemaker’: former halal slaughterman Ahmed Ghanem is critical of New Zealand killing practices.

A Muslim slaughterman’s attempts to discredit the New Zealand meat industry have drawn the attention of the country’s spy service.

Meat Industry Association members said they were contacted by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) this week after Ahmed Ghanem, an Egyptian-born halal slaughterman now living in Christchurch, published articles on a British website decrying New Zealand slaughter methods as inhumane and contrary to Islamic practice.

Ghanem said he and other anti-stunning activists in the Muslim world had successfully sought a fatwa, or religious ruling, from senior clerics condemning the practice.

Meat industry figures in New Zealand have called Ghanem a “troublemaker”.

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