Soup Wars: Muslim Brotherhood Front CAIR Blames Pamela Geller For Boycott of Halal Soup

Hamas-linked CAIR Blames Geller for Shining Light on Hamas-linked ISNA

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You must watch this video entitled, “Bloggers are urging a Campbell Soup boycott over the company’s “halal” soup offerings in Canada. Amina Rubin, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Sallie James, of the Cato Institute, share their reactions.”

It’s a mainstream media knee slapper (or head slapper).The more we catch them the media fabricating and manufacturing a news narrative,  the more derelict and reckless they become.

The entire piece is about me, a “Conservative blogger” who remains nameless until the hydra headed, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood CAIR conspirator Amina Rubin, names “Pamela Geller and her group” as responsible for the bias boycott– So,if this is all about my action, why not have me on to explain my position and the the ISNA links to Hamas? The presentation of the entire action was fabricated out of whole cloth.

Why won’t the media do it’s job? Investigate ISNA. Instead they accept, at face value, the CAIR representative’s completely dishonest answer to the question,

CNBC: ” Is there anything to the allegation that the organization has terrorist links?’

CAIR: “There is absolutely no truth to that. This really isn’t about the organization certifying it  . It’s about the conservative blogger who is against this trying to find any excuse to stop anything Muslim in this country.

The anchor accepts that by another Muslim Brotherhood, Hams link front. You can’t make this stuff up. Did anyone look at the evidence that resulted in a 108 count indictment?

Hamas-linked CAIR rep continues:

This is a manufactured controversary in this case Pamela geller and her group are just taking this as an excuse, even a dietary accommodation they find to be threatening, they are trying to whip up fear about Muslim sin this country.

It gets worse. “Fear about being picked on or called a name……” How about fear of jihad, moron?

The completely uninformed anchor described the boycott as bigotry. This kind of feckless, smear reporting should be drummed off the air. ISNA is aMuslim Brotherhood front (click the links at the bottom of this post.) Why is the media carrying water for the most radical, intolerant ideology in the world? And the CATO rep was just as clueless.

Apart from the Hamas links to ISNA there is a telling, terrible anecdote I have failed to note about ISNA, Canada. Atlas readers remember when I raised money for the Canadian honor killing victim Aqsa Parvez who was laying in an unmarked grave. It is Islamic tradition not to mark the graves of  “dishonored” murdered female relatives because they are an embarrassment to the family.  After raising the funds for Aqsa’s headstone, picking and designing the  stone and working with the cemetery, I was told the family (that murdered Aqsa)  would not “sign off on it.”When I tried to buy the plot next to her, or behind or near her, I was told I would not be allowed to buy a plot, a stone, a tree, a bench  near beloved Aqsa. Why? Because “ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) owns owns them all.” And they wouldn’t allow it.  We planted a grove of trees for Aqsa here but know that’s how inhuman and horrible they were.

Here is a statement off ISNA, Canada’s webiite:

Explanation of the ISNA Mission Statement


ISNA is founded on the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah. Correct faith and correct understanding and practice of Shari’ah are the guiding principles of right and wrong. ISNA is, therefore, both inclusive and exclusive: inclusive in that it seeks the unity of all Muslims; exclusive in that the Muslim unity must be based on correct faith and sincere commitment to Islam as a total way of life.



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4 thoughts on “Soup Wars: Muslim Brotherhood Front CAIR Blames Pamela Geller For Boycott of Halal Soup”

  1. So stupid to take this so serious, WHO BUYS Halal? I guess only muslims & most muslims don’t care if Hamas is on list of terrorist in Canada & US or elsewhere.
    What about all the boycott propaganda by muslims countries for Israel products & American products ? should we take them all to court ?
    When anyone call to boycott do people really react to a message without thinking or searching about the truth ?
    Grow up please & it’s good to know what is going on.
    Buy the way I never buy Halal & do make my own fresh soup, is healthier.

  2. We must take it serious.

    Because Campbell pays big $$$$$ for halal certification, which is money for mosques, da’awa, jihad and more jihad.

    Its another form of dhimmitude, getting us to pay to spread Islam.

  3. EVERY muslim incursion into our lives must be fought .
    The ozzie girl talking about business – yes, I’m in favour of business too and making a profit but not at the expense of our million times better than any muslim society society .
    As for the muslim girl , like all cair operatives , beneath contempt and should be had up for treason .

  4. Well, ok, you are not alone! In Germany Cambpell’s firms as “Erasco”.

    I support this issue and already told them, I will boycot their products here, aswel spread, that Campbell’s in Germany is Erasco!

    Even peta in Germany boycots “Halal” products!

    Good work!

    Carry on!

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