Muslims in Toulouse after jihad massacre: "We’re the victims in the story"

The grievance theater is well rehearsed.

“After Killings in France, Muslims Fear a Culture of Diversity Is at Risk,“– too funny that there is no ‘culture of diversity’ anywhere in Islamistan. Where the soldiers of allah have the upper hand, the diversity goes down the gurgler: Muslim in Toulouse after jihad massacre: “We’re the victims in the story”

They are laughing at us. They think we’re stoopid:

As Muslims in Toulouse claim victim status by whining about backlash, Mohamed Merah’s father is going them one better, having the gall to claim that his son was murdered:

“Mr Merah thinks that his son was murdered”: Father of Toulouse Jew-killing jihadist makes good on threats to sue police, hires lawyer

It gets worse:

Marine Le Pen claimed Mr Sarkozy was guilty of “undignified capitulation” to Algerian authorities.  Mr Sarkozy yesterday denounced a threat by Mr Merah’s father to sue the French state for killing rather than capturing his son as “disgraceful and indecent”.

It’s wrong to make victim of child killer

Paul Sheehan @ the Age
Even after it was revealed that the killer was a Muslim who supported al-Qaeda, progressives went into overdrive to dissociate the violence from Islam.

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Norway: Rabble Rousing Muselmaniac Escapes in a Hurry

Counter Jihad/ VG

“I’m off to the best place in the world – it’s so wonderful,” said the reserved  Mohyeldeen Mohammad at the airport.

Mohyeldeen Mohammad was the Norwegian Muslim terrorist who opened the Norwegians’ eyes to the reality of the Muslim invasion of Norway. First he threatened Norway with its own September 11 type of Muslim terror attacks, should the Norwegian Muslims continue to feel disrespected.

Then he declared that all homos should be executed by stoning them to death. When that did not stir up enough headlines for him, he threatened to kill Dagbladet newspaper’s journalists.

“I’m not certain I’ll even return to Norway. I’ve got another homeland too, you know. There are opportunities for Muslim terrorist everywhere.”

On Sunday he was at the airport with a bag and a ticket to Medina, Saudi Arabia, where  he is studying sharia and Wahhabi jihadism.

He says he is not returning.

We say good riddance to bad rubbish. But what are the odds he’ll be back?

Update: the learned  Koranimal left his daddy behind, and he also wants to kill all homo’s!

“All gays should be killed.”


FBI lets would be Jew Killer Mansor Asad off: "nothing to do with Islam…."

Under the BO administration, you have to be a card carrying Al Qaeda member to qualify as a terrorist, and its not enough to scream “I want to kill all the Jews” on a crowded airplane…..

See Atlas Shrugs for pics and video

Mansor Asad, Muslim Who Screamed “I want to kill all the Jews,” is the Owner of Salafi Mosque Real Estate Tied to Jailed Terrorists

Muslim screaming “I want to kill all the Jews” taken off Miami flight

Update: Muslim who was pulled off plane for (allegedly) shouting about killing Jews: I never said that, and my accusers are paranoid

Mansor Asad, the Muslim who declared his intention to kill the Jews on a Jewish flight out of Miami, is being giving the free pass — in other words, the Islam is a mental illness get out of jail free card. Like Noor Almaleki’s father, who ran her over in a cold blooded honor killing because she dared to want an American life, he, too, is being given the Muslim Get Out of Jail Free card.

The wannabe Jew killing jihadi is a real estate mogul who testified to having 100K in the bank. Not bad for a terrorist nut job.

But what the media is not telling us about the would be Jew killer is that he owns the building that houses a Salafi mosque. (and that he has a long rap sheet)

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