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Carter: Israel, America On A Collision Course

By Wyatt Earp | June 15, 2009

Anti-Semite CarterDoes anybody on this planet still believe that Jimmy Carter is a credible, reliable source on anything? Why the Democrat Party has not completely disowned this jackass is beyond me.

Forget diplomacy. Jimmy Carter’s silence would be the best thing to happen to American/Israeli relations.

Israel is headed for a clash with main ally the United States over the issue of Jewish settlements, former US president Jimmy Carter said in an interview on Sunday.

Asked by the liberal Haaretz newspaper whether the Jewish state was looking at a “head-on collision” with the United States if it doesn’t comply with Washington’s demands, Carter said “Yes.”

Now, I hate to admit it, but that may very well be true. Thus far, President Obama has not exactly been a staunch supporter of Israel.

The former president, who brokered the historic peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979, said Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank were the biggest hurdle in the hobbled Middle East peace process, saying they were “illegal and (an) obstacle to peace.”

Yeah, because the Jews are the problem. Those lousy settlers keep getting in the way of those friendly Palestinian rockets. The nerve!

Carter on Sunday made a rare visit to a settlement, saying he went to Neve Daniel “to make sure they (the settlers) understand my own attitude towards Israel, the Jewish population across the world and the Jewish settlements.” (H/T – Bretibart)

I do understand Carter’s attitude toward Israel:

He despises them, and will almost always side with Palestinian terrorists. Why? Because he’s a rabid anti-Semite.

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Tim Blair – 

Jimmy Carter on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s dodgy re-election: 


“I think this election has brought out a lot of opposition to his policies in Iran, and I’m sure he’ll listen to those opinions and hopefully moderate his position.” 

Thirty years after the Iranian hostage crisis began, Carter still hasn’t worked Iran out. Observe the listening: