Indonesia: running out of "moderate" Muslims

Filmmaker Hanung Bramantyo hopes his controversial new film will spread tolerance and help quell recruitment by radical Islamists on Indonesia’s university campuses

Mission Impossible: Keeping Radical Islamists from Recruiting on Indonesia’s Campuses

Bucktooth Bashir Wants Out

Please read the obligatory disclaimer from AFP:

Indonesia, the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world, is constitutionally secular and culturally moderate.

Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama no longer welcome

 “Obama is a murderer of our Muslim brothers in Palestine and Afghanistan, a thief of Indonesia’s natural resources, and an imperialist who seeks to take over the world and will do anything for US interests…”  (AFP)

 The ‘new Indonesia’ will be different:

The government and the judiciary is complicit in the jihad against minorities:

The Other Indonesia

“Moderate” murderer Dani bin Misra  was filmed smashing an Ahmadi man’s skull; let off with 3 months…

A year ago Hussein Obama returned to Indonesia, where he lived as a boy, as President of the United States. In a speech at the University of Indonesia, he reminisced about catching dragonflies, flying kites and running through rice paddies in the Jakarta of his youth. “Indonesia is a part of me,” he told the audience, while lauding the nation and its people for their new democracy, commitment to the rule of law and tolerance for religious diversity. Obama’s affection for Indonesia is understandable. But as he prepares to go to Bali on Nov. 19 for the East Asia Summit, he needs to ditch the nostalgia and deliver a stern message to his onetime home for not living up to its purported ideals.

A key measure of the level of justice and compassion in any society is how it treats its minorities — often its most vulnerable citizens. On that score, Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, is failing. In the past year, public violence against religious minorities, who together make up about 12% of the 240 million population, has been relentless: there has been a slew of incidents, from burnings and bombings of churches to attacks by radical Muslims on moderates. The authorities appear unable or unwilling to firmly intervene.(Watch TIME’s video “Keeping Radical Islamists from Recruiting on Indonesia’s Campuses.”)

That seemed to be the case when I was in a packed courtroom outside Jakarta a few months ago. On trial were 12 men charged in connection with a mass assault early this year on members of the peaceful Ahmadiyah sect. Ahmadis believe that their Indian founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) was also a prophet, after Muhammad — a claim orthodox Muslims find heretical. This plus other differences have made Ahmadis a target for hard-liners in Pakistan, Bangladesh and, of late, Indonesia too. The attack on the Ahmadis was brutal. A hundreds-strong crowd gathered at opposite ends of a remote rice-farming village on the western edge of Java and converged on an Ahmadi home. The people inside were surrounded and attacked with machetes, sharpened sticks and stones. Three men died; five were badly injured.

At the trial, before the judges entered the chamber, an Islamic cleric in a white robe stepped from the gallery and led the courtroom in prayer. Those inside — plus many more pressed against the outside gate — prayed for the mob, not those killed. People in the crowd told me the Ahmadis had it coming, that the mob was provoked and the violence spontaneous.

One of the accused, 17-year-old Dani bin Misra, was filmed smashing an Ahmadi man’s skull with a rock. He and the other defendants were convicted of “participation in a violent attack that results in casualties.” Dani was sentenced to three months’ jail. The rest, including two clerics, received five to six months. (By contrast, an Ahmadi got six months for wounding an attacker when defending a family’s property.) Said New York City — based Human Rights Watch: “The trial sends the chilling message that attacks on minorities will be treated lightly by the legal system.”(See photos of Suharto’s Indonesia.)


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Sharia: a warped concept of justice and morality

Rape victim receives 101 lashes for becoming pregnant

Telegraph UK

The girl’s father was also fined and warned the family would be branded outcasts from their village if he did not pay.

According to human rights activists, the girl, who was quickly married after the attack, was divorced weeks later after medical tests revealed she was pregnant.

The girl was raped by a 20-year-old villager in Brahmanbaria district in April last year.

File photo from a caning in Aceh/Indonesia


12-Year-Old Christian Girl, Raped, Tortured & Killed…

Bangladesh’s Daily Star newspaper reported that she was so ashamed following the attack that she did not lodge a complaint.

Her rape emerged after her pregnancy test and Muslim elders in the village issued a fatwa insisting that the girl be kept in isolation until her family agreed to corporal punishment.

Her rapist was pardoned by the elders. She told the newspaper the rapist had “spoiled” her life.

“I want justice,” she said.

She is lucky she wasn’t stoned to death for adultery….

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Swift Justice in Yemen

Justice Yemen-style: Paedophile who raped boy, 11, shot in the head in front of hundreds of spectators  


This is criminal justice, Yemen style. A man accused of raping and murdering an 11-year-old boy is paraded through his home town before being shot dead by an executioner. 

Hundreds of onlookers lined the streets to watch the gruesome scene, cheering and shouting abuse at Yehya Hussein al-Raghwah. 

The boy, Hamdi al-Kabas, had reportedly come into his shop for a haircut last December during the Muslim festival of Eid. After brutally attacking him, the barber cut his body into pieces and dumped them outside the capital Sana’a. 

Enlarge  Yemenis gather to watch a Yemeni soldier execute a man, lying face down on a large piece of red cloth, his hands bound behind him

He was given the death penalty by a Yemeni court a month later after apparently admitting his crime. 

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Aussie judges off to China to learn how to apply proper justice

* At taxpayers expense, of course: 

Let’s pray it’s really just a junket

With thanks to Andrew Bolt


For once I hope the excuse for this jaunt is false:

QUEENSLAND’S top judge and four colleagues are taking their partners on a three-week China educational tour at a cost of about $100,000 to taxpayers.

The Courier-Mail has learnt Chief Justice Paul de Jersey will head the 10-person delegation next month that will include Supreme Court judges Peter Dutney, Henry Fryberg and Debra Mullins and Court of Appeal judge John Muir…

The Queensland judges will learn about the use of advanced IT in Chinese courts, about the operation of two of the most advanced judicial training colleges in the world, and how Chinese courts deal with problems Queensland also has.

Dear God, let these judges spend their time shopping rather than learn from this authoritarian regime “how Chinese courts deal with problems Queensland also has”.

Question: do you think the judges know how stupid, even sinister, their plans sound? Just in case they really are unbelievably naive here’s a recent New York Times piece on Chinese justice.

Of course, it might just be that they are as tyrant-friendly as our Human Rights Commission president, which case we’re in deep trouble.


Readers have asked for the source for the picture.

Update II

Thanks to reader Keith we have a whole lot of pics of Chinese executions. Warning: not for the squeamish!