Aussie judges off to China to learn how to apply proper justice

* At taxpayers expense, of course: 

Let’s pray it’s really just a junket

With thanks to Andrew Bolt


For once I hope the excuse for this jaunt is false:

QUEENSLAND’S top judge and four colleagues are taking their partners on a three-week China educational tour at a cost of about $100,000 to taxpayers.

The Courier-Mail has learnt Chief Justice Paul de Jersey will head the 10-person delegation next month that will include Supreme Court judges Peter Dutney, Henry Fryberg and Debra Mullins and Court of Appeal judge John Muir…

The Queensland judges will learn about the use of advanced IT in Chinese courts, about the operation of two of the most advanced judicial training colleges in the world, and how Chinese courts deal with problems Queensland also has.

Dear God, let these judges spend their time shopping rather than learn from this authoritarian regime “how Chinese courts deal with problems Queensland also has”.

Question: do you think the judges know how stupid, even sinister, their plans sound? Just in case they really are unbelievably naive here’s a recent New York Times piece on Chinese justice.

Of course, it might just be that they are as tyrant-friendly as our Human Rights Commission president, which case we’re in deep trouble.


Readers have asked for the source for the picture.

Update II

Thanks to reader Keith we have a whole lot of pics of Chinese executions. Warning: not for the squeamish!

5 thoughts on “Aussie judges off to China to learn how to apply proper justice”

  1. Qld might as well send their doctors to Islamabad to learn medicine.

    (too late, they did already)

  2. Sorry kaw, I was being sarcastic, with the Qld hospitals hiring Patel,
    Haneef etc.

  3. Mullah they are not all bad, I have a good friend who is a Paki doctor working here in an Australian hospital. He is an excellent doctor with wide previous experience in Asia and Africa. But he is a Christian (a Mossie doctor might try to kill you).

  4. BDD,
    I have no problem with people from SW Asia or where ever else. The problem is muslims! I know many good people from muslim dominated areas – they are all non-muslim and have had to leave due to persecution.
    I do not trust ANY of the muslims from these areas.

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